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1. How do I create a Dreambook?
2. Will it be free forever?
3. Can I change the format of the dates in my DreamBook?
4. How do I delete this awful message from my guestbook?
5. How do I turn off banner ads on my Dream Book?
6. Why would I want a guestbook?
7. What's so special about this guestbook server?
8. Do I have to host my site with Dreamhost to get a Dreambook?
9. I have a book created, now how do I link it to it my web page?
10. How do I change the background or text color, or add a background to my Dreambook?
11. How do I add images, logos, links, etc. to the top of my guest book?
12. How do I edit the 'thank you for signing my dreambook' message?
13. Can I change what people write in my book?
14. When people sign my book they (or I) don't see their post! What's going on?
15. Is it possible to add an image when signing a dreambook? If so, how?
16. Can I have my guestbook in a language other than English?
17. When managing my entries, it only shows me the most recent 50! Why?
18. Can I change the sign button to say something other than please sign my guestbook?

Services from DreamHost Description
Web Hosting isn't our only gig, ya know! DreamHost has been around for a long time, and in that time we've had some fun with our side projects. Some are useful (domain registration,) some are tools for budding webmasters (free guestbooks,) and some are just plain fun!

Last updated: Sep 17, 2002.

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