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Question   Is there an easier way to manage my database?
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1. What hostname do I use to connect to my database?
2. Is there an easier way to manage my database?
3. What username/password do I use to connect to my database?
4. How do I back up my database?
5. How long does it take for a new database to start working?

Is there an easier way to manage my database?

Once you have a hostname and username/password for your database you can just connect to your databases via the php MyAdmin web interface.

Simply go to your database's hostname using your web browser! So if your MySQL hostname was mysql.mydomain.net, just point your browser to http://mysql.mydomain.net/

For dedicated customers use : http:://mydomain.net/dh_phpmyadmin/mysql.mydomain.net

If you plan on importing data via CSV file make sure you use the Load method : DATA LOCAL in phpmyadmin.

If you'd like to have php MyAdmin disabled for any databases you have with us, please just contact support and they can turn it off!

Last updated: Aug 01, 2005.

User Post (2005-07-14 23:49:00 by bprater)
If you're having problems connecting with a third-party app like mysqlfront or cocoamysql, make sure that your computer has appopriate access. Go to Goodies > MySQL and go to an existing database and then modify a user. Notice the 'from what hosts' box -- alter this with your IP address. (Try whatsmyip.com if you're not sure, but it should tell you)
User Post (2005-06-18 07:50:48 by bsternth)
I ran into problems connecting remotely to my db (using cocoamysql) until I tried using the ip address. Just ping your mysql host and use that ip. Works great!
User Post (2005-06-11 13:11:07 by bonaldi)
If you want to access the database from any host, just put % into the allowed hosts panel.
User Post (2005-01-12 09:59:58 by pikkle)
Has anyone had success installing a newer version of PhpMyAdmin? It seems to give me a blank page...
User Post (2004-12-21 09:34:08 by nomistower)
Ok. I'm using dreamweaver.
I need to pull up recordsets from my database and do repeat regions in PHP.
Normally no problem, except I can't get Dreamweaver to see my database.
"no testing server set up on that site" does not map to ugh.dreamhost.com/_mmServerScripts/HTTPDB or somesuch.
The account information works fine when I use it in a $host_conn etc, for queries on the actual pages when executed on the server, but dreamweaver won't load or can't find the DB itself.
Any ideas?
User Post (2004-04-03 14:29:42 by dod_admin)
For all of those using dreamweaver i found out how to access mysql :D

you first have to set up a hostname usually mysql.youdomain.net works fine and you use that as your "MYSQL Server"
your username and such more are configured like normal ;) make sure when you create your hostname you give it a bit of time to go from changed to active :D
User Post (2003-11-20 17:48:59 by silentway)
OS X users rejoice!!!!
CocoaMySQL is "The Open Source MySQL Database Manager for Mac OS X", and it works remotely. To manage your MySQL DBs remotely, make sure you add your IP address to your MySQL User in the Dreamhost MySQL control panel.
User Post (2003-10-22 07:07:32 by asa_lima)
I noticed we can access MySQL from an external IP:

"Edit the hosts from which user taxeurop may access db"

Is this possible from a machine sitting behind a DHCP-assigned DLS modem ?

That would be great !
User Post (2003-07-12 13:59:49 by gpb666)
Perhaps there may be an inconsistency related with case sensivity ...
User Post (2003-02-27 16:29:12 by hs1)
I get this when trying to access the following.


when I do a Chmod to 755 it never seems to keep. can you do one for me.
also check and make sure the folder weather is chmod 755 as well.

all was working fine until you guys changed my server path.

it was /home/.shyluer/whatever

then it was changed to /home/.shyleroven/whatever.

thanks can you give me a call when your working on this

9-5 PST M-F


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User Post (2003-02-10 18:52:59 by wesleyc)
I'm using Dreamweaver MX, which is supposed to have interesting MySQL support, yet I cannot access my database via this program--I get an error message (404)...
User Post (2002-12-25 08:54:40 by lpyzr)
What about using MySQL Tools? (http://www.mysqltools.com) or any other third party software from a remote connection? Does DH support this?