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1. Backups
2. Can you briefly pump me up about your servers?
3. What is your DirectoryIndex setting?
4. What is the standard Directory listing you use in your virtualhost apache configuration file?
5. What is your connection to the Internet?

At DreamHost, we know everybody's data is important, no matter what plan they're on. That's why all our packages include full backup "snapshots" of your data at various regular intervals (two hourly, two daily, and two weekly). If you accidentally delete an important file, you can restore it yourself or let our customer service team know right away and we'll do our best to recover it in a recent state for you! Of course, you should ALWAYS keep your OWN backup copies of everything of any importance to you no matter what. But we'll do our best to make sure you never need them!

Steps for restoring data on your own :
  1. cd into the hidden directory named .snapshot (it will not show up in any directory listing at all, but it's there)
  2. Choose how far back you would like to go ( hourly.0 is one hour ago, hourly.1 is two hours ago, nightly.0 is one day ago, nightly.1 is two days ago, weekly.0 it one week ago, weekly.1 is two weeks ago )
  3. Copy the restored file to where you want it (using the unix cp command). You're done!

Last updated: Aug 22, 2005.

Official Reply (2005-11-14 17:41:37 )
- TIP for non-Unix geeks -

If you are like me and do not master Unix commands, no worry. You can retrieve all your backed-up data from a user-friendly FTP clients (like Smart FTP or Dreamveaver).

--> Connect to the following directory: domainname.com/.snapshot/nightly.1/

That will bring you directly to your site's backup of the day before. From there, feel free to cherry-pick the content you need.

Thanks Dreamhost, you saved my marriage :)
User Post (2005-12-19 08:46:42 by vlourenco)
Thank you very much! :D If it wasn't for this feature I would have lost seven months of work!
User Post (2005-11-13 15:43:20 by scottmeinzer)
I accidentally deleted a file I was working on which is like months in the making, THANKS SO MUCH for this amazing feature. You saved my life!
User Post (2005-11-06 18:11:07 by suckers)
Thanks for this feature DreamHost. It's brilliant and awesome! =)
User Post (2005-11-01 11:30:01 by ridiz)
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
User Post (2005-09-16 07:33:32 by blackjack75)
I have been using dreamhost for some time and missed this. This really is awesome ! Thanks!
User Post (2005-09-09 06:51:29 by londonburning)
I love you, I love you, I love you.
User Post (2005-04-17 18:41:39 by lbarton98)
You just saved my career. Thanks.

User Post (2005-03-09 11:56:27 by internodium)
For instructions on how to include database backups into daily/weekly/monthly snapshots take a look at the following KB article:
User Post (2005-02-22 02:14:23 by tim911)
I am also totally impressed!!!!

my site got messed up by some moron and it's going to take ages to fix manually, all it needs is a restore point back to before the guy messed with it..(trying to make it better of course).

User Post (2005-02-06 03:10:31 by jordanville)
This is brilliant. I was actually looking for a way to backup by whole website myself with chmod info intact. I'll still look as I'm sure it's simple... but I found this along the way, and I'm glad I did. This is pretty amazing. I'll have to remember it for sure! Thanks!
User Post (2005-02-03 10:14:42 by fundelux)
from the correct snapshot directory do: cp index.php ~/
That will copy it to your home directory. From there you can download it
via ftp or simply move it into the correct directory (eg mv index.php
User Post (2004-12-29 08:27:58 by chornbe)
Nice to know that feature's there.

trienens asked:
" How about snapshots of databases? Is there a way to restore from a certain point for a database?"

Just bang an export (daily, etc.) to a text file using the MySQLDump tool into your directory and that's taken care of for you. You can also do the same thing from offsite.
User Post (2004-12-20 17:20:25 by mabi)
This feature saved my life.
User Post (2004-11-26 11:52:58 by elramsay)
Yeah, perhaps this info could be included in a "welcome to dreamhost" message for new subscribers. I've been here for more than a year and just found out about these backups.
User Post (2004-09-21 12:48:18 by photon)
I have to send a WOOOOHOOOOOO towards DreamHost for this one. I thought I lost a lot of work due to doing an 'rm *' in the wrong directory. What a lifesaver.... I owe a drink to whoever implimented this.
User Post (2004-08-29 17:49:15 by rootstudios)
This just saved my life. I have never loved a webhost more than I do at this minute.
User Post (2004-07-05 19:10:06 by virst)
Great service :D hehe
User Post (2004-05-20 09:42:37 by akamarketing)
Dreamhost this is an excellent service. I agree that you should make this more prominent, backups are important to us webmasters..
User Post (2004-04-19 10:23:02 by trienens)
How about snapshots of databases? Is there a way to restore from a certain point for a database?
User Post (2004-03-23 00:27:36 by gbdk)
WOW! You should make this more prominent. I have written Support at least once with a recovery issue - I wasn't aware that I could do it myself. Now THIS is really excellent service that should not be hidden this well.
User Post (2004-02-17 22:55:52 by bmc420)
That is AWESOME.