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Question   Step 6: Make payment and submit your order!
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Step 6: Make payment and submit your order!
The last step is to enter your payment information through our secure form!

The form should be rather straight-forward. You can pay immediately online via any major credit card, paypal.com (unless using certain promo codes), or with a DreamHost gift certificate. You can also pay partial amounts with various payment methods if you want to break up the charge.

From this form you can also tell us that you will be paying by check. This will allow you to complete the online account setup online immediately, however your account will not be set up nor your domain registered until we receive your check and payment clears.

As soon as you submit your payment your account will be set up and you'll be emailed welcome information!

You're done! Welcome to DreamHost!

Last updated: May 16, 2005.