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Question   Step 4: Create your Web ID
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3. Step 4: Create your Web ID
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Step 4: Create your Web ID
We have another user account, completely separate from your server username, that you need to set up before you can finish the sign up process. It is called your Web ID and it uniquely identifies a real person across all our systems.

If you've signed up for DreamHost, DreamBook, or any of our other sites before, you've already got a Web ID and should use it to log in here. If you're already logged in, our system will recognize this and skip this step completely!

If you don't have a Web ID yet, you should pick one you'd like (they can be up to 32 characters long) and fill in the necessary contact information on the form you see. When you're done logging in or creating a new Web ID you can continue the sign up process!

Last updated: Feb 25, 2003.