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Question   Step 3: Pick a server username..
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Step 3: Pick a server username..
In order to upload your site to our webservers as well as send and receive email, you need to have a user account on our servers.

Most of our plans allow multiple users, but we only need one to get you started.. you can add more from our web panel after you're done signing up.

Here you pick a username you'd like and submit the form to continue!

What you pick isn't too important, because it has no bearing on the outside world. For example, you can still use ANY email address you want @yourdomain.com.. it doesn't have to be server_username@yourdomain.com.

Your username must be 2-8 characters, begin with a letter, and only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. It is NOT case-sensitive, and will be converted to lowercase.

Your password for this first user will be randomly generated by us and emailed to you when your username is provisioned on our servers!

Last updated: Mar 14, 2002.