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1. How do I set up a cron job?
2. What is a cron job?
3. May I run a cron job?
4. What is your persistent (background) process policy?

Cron Jobs and Persistent Processes Description
Every account that has shell access on our servers has the ability to run shell commands.

You can also set up a "crontab" which will automatically run a shell command you specify at the times you specify.

We do have some policies regarding acceptable processes you may run on a shared hosting shell account. It is important you read these and abide by them or you will be in jeopardy of having your account terminated!

Last updated: Nov 19, 2001.

Sub-Areas of Cron Jobs and Persistent Processes
Question What is a cron job?
A cron job is simply a command you normally run from a shell window (i.e. telnet or ssh) that is periodically run at times you specifiy. It's a pretty standard feature of all unix operating systems, a... (more)
Question May I run a cron job?
Yes you may, if you have a shell account on our server! Of course, the restrictions on background processes apply to processes started via your crontab just as any other persistent process, so b... (more)
Question How do I set up a cron job?
Via the "crontab" command from the shell. crontab -l will show you your currently set up cron jobs on the server. crontab -r will delete your current cron jobs. crontab -e will allow you... (more)
Question What is your persistent (background) process policy?
We define persistent/background processes as any unix user's command running non-interactively. That is, it runs while you aren't actively sitting there interacting with it through a shell window. ... (more)