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Question   Can I change the format of the dates in my DreamBook?
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Can I change the format of the dates in my DreamBook?

Simply go to the Options area of dreambook management and set the format there.

Replace the string %W, %M %D %Y - %r with whatever you want.. (BUT DO NOT USE ACTUAL DATES.. USE the % VALUES LISTED BELOW) things in this list will be replaced with their corresponding value:

%M Month name (January..December)
%W Weekday name (Sunday..Saturday)
%D Day of the month with English suffix (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)
%Y Year, numeric, 4 digits
%y Year, numeric, 2 digits
%a Abbreviated weekday name (Sun..Sat)
%d Day of the month, numeric (00..31)
%e Day of the month, numeric (0..31)
%m Month, numeric (01..12)
%c Month, numeric (1..12)
%b Abbreviated month name (Jan..Dec)
%j Day of year (001..366)
%H Hour (00..23)
%k Hour (0..23)
%h Hour (01..12)
%I Hour (01..12)
%l Hour (1..12)
%i Minutes, numeric (00..59)
%r Time, 12-hour (hh:mm:ss [AP]M)
%T Time, 24-hour (hh:mm:ss)
%S Seconds (00..59)
%s Seconds (00..59)
%p AM or PM
%w Day of the week (0=Sunday..6=Saturday)
%U Week (0..53), where Sunday is the first day of the week
%u Week (0..53), where Monday is the first day of the week
%% A literal `%'.

Last updated: Nov 07, 2003.

Official Reply (2002-08-26 15:52:54 )
To get your book to show 24 hour time instead of 12 hour time, just use "%H" where you have "%h".
User Post (2005-12-09 14:44:01 by dvml)
Did anyone figure out how to hide the time stamp yet? Is it possible? I don't want it appearing on my viewable page.
User Post (2005-08-04 10:21:09 by sterlingtexas)
i want to set the clock to GMT without a change for daylight savings time...is possible?
User Post (2003-03-16 05:18:15 by badbitch)
Hey, Lcarter, I don't know how to delete the time option, but if you just put %%, then only a percentage sign will show up. Surfers might wonder what it stands for, but no time will be clocked. :)
User Post (2003-02-21 07:02:28 by lcarter)
Is there any way to delete the time option entirely? (Some of the people posting on mine don't want it publically known that they are doing so on company time.)
User Post (2002-12-06 13:41:34 by jgarden)
How can i make days/months names displaying in other language? ex. Swedish? Can you help me with that? Thanks.
User Post (2002-08-22 08:08:59 by jerryfish)
I'm having difficulties getting my guestbook into 24 hr mode, have done all of the above, yet when I enter a post, it comes up with pacific time not 24 hr.

Any suggestions?
User Post (2002-07-07 14:09:44 by nutrisystem)
In response to Dorothea's post on 7-7-02: the program may be set for a different time zone than you are in. This will make the time different than it really is for you. You can check this out. Here's how: (1) Log in to the Management Area. (2) Click on the Options link. (3) In the text box for Current Guestbook Time, enter the current time in the desired time zone. (4) Click on the Save Changes button, and you're done.
User Post (2002-07-07 05:20:46 by dorothea)
I keep having trouble with my time/date in my guest book. Right now it is set right except it says July 7th instead of the 8th. Everything else is okay.