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Question   What is your mod_perl policy?
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What is your mod_perl policy?
We do not support mod_perl on our shared hosting plans.
We do support mod_perl on our dedicated servers though!

We're sorry about this. There are several problems with allowing mod_perl in our shared hosting environment. mod_perl can hog too much memory if code isn't properly written. It has the potential to introduce a great deal of instability to our systems. We are not anti mod_perl - we use it extensively in our own web panel, however we don't feel that supporting it in a shared environment is scalable.

We are looking into ways to provide mod_perl with our shared hosting offerings in the future, but do not currently have a time line in place.

Last updated: Sep 14, 2004.

User Post (2005-09-24 17:29:41 by user7)
I realize mod_perl can be used for lots of things, but the vast majority of requests I've seen are because the requestor wants to run Slashcode. Maybe you could offer Slashcode exclusively in a shared envioronment? If there are other "well behaved" mod_perl applications out there, they would bve welcome too (after some pre-screening). The point is that the app would be pre-installed by DH, not off the street apps installed by customers. You could pick up 90% of the mod_perl requestors that way.
User Post (2005-08-05 15:09:56 by benatkin)
I've heard that some serious mod_perl issues were addressed with Perl 5.8. Maybe (hopefully?) mod_perl is coming after the new Debian release.
User Post (2004-09-01 06:57:15 by mrjcleaver)
I discussed this policy on the mod_perl mailing list ...

User Post (2004-08-29 08:54:36 by mrjcleaver)
As I see it, Mod_perl provides two things: 1) speed and 2)
functionality in terms of an operating environment.

The application I want to run (WebGUI) needs mod_perl for its
operating environment - surely there some setting that is going to
make mod_perl module (or my context) will get swapped out after a short
period of time? I don't intend to be hitting my WebGUI application
very often so I'm not too concerned about speed.