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Question   What's 'relaying denied'?
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1. What's 'relaying denied'?
2. What does it mean if I get an "over quota" message?

What's 'relaying denied'?
This error message is seen mostly when using aliases. If you have an alias that forwards to an outside address, it's possible that said address does not allow "forwarding". You should contact your ISP to make sure forwarding is allowed.

Last updated: Jun 04, 2002.

User Post (2003-10-16 13:15:56 by jhess)
I also received this message, and used the server authentication to fix it. Basically, Dreamhost does not allowyou to anonymously send emails through their servers. In order to disallow this, they require authentication into the SMTP server.
User Post (2003-06-06 05:31:43 by imagen)
Thanks Steve, that was much easier than what I was doing previously...using scripting, batch files, putty, and plink to create an ssh tunnel..ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
User Post (2003-04-07 04:09:05 by cpsr)
Thank you stevesf - that saved me lots of time ;-)
User Post (2002-04-02 00:25:11 by stevesf)
I got this message because I was using Outlook 2000 and forgot to check the "My Server Requires Authentication" checkbox by the "Outgoing Mail Server" section of the "Servers" tab.