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Question   How do I check my email?
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How do I check my email?
  1. First, make sure that you have set up your email account on our server. [how do I do that?].

  2. Next, make sure that you have set up your email address(es) [how do I do that?].

  3. Then make sure you have set up and configured your email program on your computer [how do I do that?].

    There are many different email programs, and they're all slightly different. The process for checking your mail will depend on which program you have installed on your computer.

    If you're using Microsoft Outlook, you can read more about it here:

    Microsoft Outlook FAQ

  4. If you've turned on shell access for this account, you can also telnet or SSH to your account and check your mail that way.

Last updated: Aug 22, 2003.

User Post (2004-01-30 05:21:31 by cootem)
you can also use the squirrel mail web based client. it is at: http://webmail.yourdomain.whatever This should be setup by default on new acounts. Also, pine is a good unix mail program (type pine from telnet prompt). Type su to switch between users after logging in. Exit will bring you back to your shell.
User Post (2003-03-01 23:33:57 by alaska-living)
I want an easy way to check mail once I've logged onto my dreamhost account. It's not clear to me what to do next. If i telnet to my account, then what? I'll be in linux shell with a command line, right? So I type "mail" at the command line and it says "no mail for myAccountName". That may be true, but I set up a 2nd email address and how to I get access to that 2nd address mail? Just don't get it.