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Question   How do I download files from my web directory?
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How do I download files from my web directory?
From time to time, you may want to download your web files to your computer --- for editing, safekeeping, whatever. But how do you do it? It's easy!

The following directions are illustrated using the WS_FTP FTP tool, but FTP tools all work in the same way, so if you're using a different tool, it should be easy to follow along anyway.

For more information about different FTP tools (ie; FTP clients), click here.
  1. Open your ftp tool.

  2. FTP to your home directory, entering your username, path of your web directory, and your password.

  3. You will see two directories:

    The file list below this bar is on your computer. Navigate through this list to the destination on your computer, where you wish to send the files you will download.

    The file list below this bar is your web directory.

  4. Find the name of the file you wish to download in your web directory. Click on it.

  5. Next, click on this button:

  6. That's it! Now the file should be tranferred to your computer!

Last updated: Sep 07, 2001.