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Question   How do I transfer a Domain Registration to DreamHost?
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How do I transfer a Domain Registration to DreamHost?
Below are the requirements for “Registrar Transfers” of .com, .net, and .org TLDs. All requirements must be met before we can process the transfer. No exceptions will be made and all necessary changes must be completed by you and/or the Administrative Contact listed under the WHOIS information for the domain beforehand; otherwise the whole transfer process will be delayed.

- You must have a current account with us with an active web ID.

- The domain name must have been registered for more than 60 days with your current registrar (that is 60 days since the beginning of the Service Agreement between you and the current registrar for the domain). If a registrar transfer is initiated within the first 60 days of the registry period, the transfer will automatically be declined by the current registrar.

- The domain must not be "On-Hold" or "locked" by the current registrar. The former condition can exist for several reasons, including lack of payment or domain expiry. With this in mind, we would prefer that all requests for transfers be made no later than 2 weeks from the current expiration date just to be safe as it typically takes 5-10 days for the whole process to complete. Moreover, if a domain expires before the transfer process has completed, it will automatically timeout and fail. The latter condition is a more recent feature that some regitrars have setup. A "locked" domain will prevent any type of changes to be made to nameserver information and will automatically reject any registrar transfer requests. If this feature is setup for your domain with your current registrar, you will need to disable it before initiating the transfer.

- The current Administrative Contact email address must be able to confirm and authorize the transfer request. If this domain does not belong to you and you are making this request for someone else let say a friend, family member or client, please have that person be aware of the transfer and to be on the look out for any emails regarding the Registrar Transfer. A confirmation email will be sent from their current Registrar to the Admin email contact. If the transfer is not confirmed it will automatically time-out 5 days after the initiation date.

- To initiate a registrar transfer, go to our "Domains > Transfer" area of our web panel. Enter the domain you want to transfer to us in the "Transfer a registration to us:" form. You'll also be prompted to fill in the WHOIS information. Follow the rest of the steps to complete the transfer order.

If a problem arises with the current registrar not approving the transfer, the transfer request will automatically timeout and will be cancelled 7 days after the request was initially made. If this is the case, either you or we can either try to submit another request or you may need to contact the current registrar to find the cause of the hold up.

Last updated: Oct 14, 2004.

User Post (2005-08-19 20:47:21 by ferntree)
I just encountered the problem noted below by hewins. I put in a registrar transfer, and then later tried to update my DNS. At that point, I received an error message that the domain was "On Hold," so I called the old registrant. It turned out that because the domain transfer was in progress, they put a hold on the DNS. However, since I was on the phone, they facilitated the transfer of the domain name and I was able to get the transfer release email sent right away. Give that a shot if you get stuck.
User Post (2005-05-04 10:16:17 by hewins)
One thing to note is that no changes can be made to, for example, the DNS settings at the old registrar of the domain once the transfer is in progress. Make sure to update the DNS settings before you initiate the transfer or you will be stuck without a web site or email while the transter is in progress.