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Question   Can I run a phpbb forum (message board) on my site?
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Can I run a phpbb forum (message board) on my site?
You sure can!

Phpbb is free, open source software for running a forum. Phpbb runs on MySQL, so you can use any DreamHost plan to run your very own forum on your website using this exciting, highly-rated software!

In fact, we now offer super-easy one-click installation of phpBB via the "Goodies > One-Click Installs" area of our web panel!

For more information, go to the phpbb home site, at http://www.phpbb.com

Last updated: Feb 15, 2005.

User Post (2005-02-20 14:48:38 by toasterhead)
Awesome! You guys rock. I was about to start digging into my PHP books to figure out how to get phpbb set up and then realized I didn't need to. Thank you!
User Post (2004-08-02 15:34:43 by kcarlson)
I'd like to recommend that all phpbb sites running on Dreamhost be configured to use an SMTP account for mass mailing, via the configuration page. Otherwise, if you have over 40 members on your site, Dreamhost's "spam blocker" will bounce your messages...
User Post (2004-06-15 15:19:28 by theraven)
777 on a "normal" file elsewhere is the same as 755 is here...
User Post (2003-11-12 14:21:47 by mauricior)
its very easy to setup phpbb on dreamhost, it is great. The only thing im not sure how to do is about uploadable avatars by members of the forum, because phpbb requieres you to put chmod 777 to a directory, and dreamhost asks you not to put 777 to any file or directory for security reasons. ? other than that its excellent, i recommend it totally
User Post (2002-09-06 11:51:37 by melist)
I just installed it. Its really nice! Once you have your phpbb forum installed, I highly suggest going to phpbbhacks.com to download some templates for it. I'm sure theres lots of other things you could do as well. What a sweet way to provide forums to my clients without having to re-invent the wheel. Thank you phpBB!