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Question   Email Contact Preferences
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1. Email Contact Preferences
2. How do I change my contact info?

Email Contact Preferences
From here, you can set your preferences for receiving your DreamHost correspondence (newsletters, account-related correspondence, billing, announcements, DreamBook messages, etc.) How? It's easy!

  1. Simply log on to https://panel.dreamhost.com/id/.
  2. Click on the contact info link.
  3. In the Email Contact Preferences table, add up to two email contact addresses. Mark one of them as your primary address.
  4. Use the remaining checkboxes to have your DreamHost correspondence sent to either or both of the addresses.
  5. The Newsletter is optional, and you can opt to not have it sent to you at all. Simply don't check either of the checkboxes in that row.
  6. Press the Submit New Email Contact Prefs button, and you're done!

Last updated: Dec 05, 2002.