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Question   What does the Searches button do?
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What does the Searches button do?
The searches area gives you the lowdown on searches using your keywords: which pages were searched, when they were searched, and so on. Simply log on to http://keywords.newdream.net, and press this button:

for a summary of the following information (depending on how many searches have been done, the number on the button will vary):

  • Search: The keyword(s) visitors searched for
  • Scope: Which pages were searched: your page, your sites, or all NDN Keyword sites
  • Time: The time of the search
  • IP: The IP address of the computer that made that particular search
  • From URL: The location of the search engine where the search was made (ie; from the NDN Keywords search page, from the engine you put on your site, etc.)
  • Results: The results of that particular search.

Last updated: Aug 30, 2001.