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Question   What kind of keywords should I use?
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2. What kind of keywords should I use?
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What kind of keywords should I use?
  • Keywords can be only one word long. One word, and one word per line.
  • Keywords may not contain non-word characters, such as &, #, $, and so on.
  • Keywords should be descriptive. They should give people an idea of the kind of things they can find on your site. Words like "homepage" and "website" don't tell anyone anything. Try more vivid terms, like "photographs" (if you have a page of your photos, for example), "computers" (if you're selling computers on your website), or "Idaho" (if you host a site with information about Idaho).
  • Keywords should be general. If your keywords are too specific, chances are, people won't think to use them. For example, if you wanted to interest general readers in your website devoted to the relative chronology of the third velar palatalization in Slavic, not many people would search on "chronology," "velars," or "palatalization." Better search terms would be "Slavic," "linguistics," or even "Russian." (However, if you wanted an audience of only Slavic linguists, then the former keywords would have been good choices.)
  • Put yourself in your visitors' shoes. Think of your audience. Who will visit your site? What will they be looking for? What kind of words would they use to look for it? Chances are, these are the kind of words that would make the most effective keywords.

Last updated: Aug 13, 2001.