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Question   3 kinds of searches
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3 kinds of searches
Once you have cut and pasted the html code into your website, visitors can do three different searches:

  • Search of "this site": A search of all of the pages in this one site you've created, using the keywords you assigned to each page.
  • Search of "our sites": A search of all of the pages in all of your sites you've created with NDN Keywords. This is the same as the first search option if you only have one site.
  • Search of "all sites": A search of all of the sites indexed by everyone at NDN Keywords, using the site-wide keywords they assigned to their sites.
These are the default names of the searches. If you want to name the searches different things (like "search 1," "search 2," and "search 3" or whatever), you can always edit the html code that you cut and paste from keywords.newdream.net into your page. [how do I do that?]

Last updated: Aug 13, 2001.