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Question   Adding an additional site
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Adding an additional site
If you already have a site indexed with NDN Keywords, and want to add another....

  1. Go to http://keywords.newdream.net.

  2. Click on this link in the rightmost column:

  3. In this box, give your site a name, like "Pictures of My Cactus Garden." This is the name of the site that will be accessed with the keywords you designate.

  4. In this box, give the URL of your site, for example, http://www.mydomain.com/cactusphotos.html.

  5. Here, give a list of keywords that you want to lead to your site. One keyword per line. These keywords might be good ones if your site is about the cacti of the Sonoran desert.

  6. Click on

  7. To add keywords to your newly created site, click on the words add keywords in the first paragraph of the page that appears.

Last updated: Aug 27, 2001.