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1. Getting Started
2. Deleting a site
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Getting Started
If you have not used NDN Keywords yet....

  1. Go to http://keywords.newdream.net.

  2. If you don't have a Web ID, go get one! [here's how].

  3. If you do have a Web ID, but for some reason are not automatically logged in, you can log in here:

  4. Otherwise....
    1. Click on the words: create your first site at the bottom of the page, OR

      Click on .

    2. In this box, give your site a name. If it's a site about cacti of the Sonoran desert, you might call it "Cacti." When a user looks for sites with your keywords, this is the name that will appear in the site list they see.

    3. Enter the web address of your site (ie: www.myrockinsite.com, or whatever).

    4. In this box, list the keywords that you want to lead to your site. [what are keywords?] One keyword per line. When people search keywords.newdream.net using one of these words, they'll be directed to the URL you entered in #2. Cool, huh?

    5. Click here to enter your new site into NDN Keywords!

    6. To add more keywords to your newly created site, click on the words add keywords in the first paragraph of the page that appears.

    Last updated: Sep 17, 2002.