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Question   Setting up email
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Setting up email
To get email going for your domain or subdomain, you need to set it up on our servers, as well as on your computer. Here's how:

  1. On our server: Once you have set up hosting for your domain, go to the Mail tab of the Account Control Panel to set up a mailbox for holding incoming mail, and aliases to direct the mail to the addresses where you want it to go.

    [Click here to learn about setting up new mailboxes.]

    [Click here to learn about creating email aliases (addresses)]

  2. On your computer: Now you need to set up the email program on your computer (Outlook, Netscape, etc.), so you can download the mail from our servers, and read it on your computer.

    [Click here to learn about setting up your email program]

  3. That's it! You're done! The changes won't take effect immediately. Changes usually take one or more hours yo become active. If it takes longer than 24 hours, please contact technical support. [how do I do that?]

Last updated: Jul 19, 2004.