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Question   v3.7 July 2001
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v3.7 July 2001

0.      Introduction
2.      DHSOTM!
3.      Expert Addresses Mode! 
4.      Other fortune cookies I've actually gotten..

0.      Introduction

Hey guess what? ANOTHER newsletter! So quick on the heels of our last
one! It's because we're trying to make the newsletter come out at the
beginning of the month again, instead of the end of the month (or even
the first few days of the NEXT month.. ahem.) It seems like the best way
to do that is by releasing one newsletter in the middle of the month, and
then starting to do them at the beginning the next month. That way, at
least you have about 2 weeks to recover in between each one. I know this
is all very interesting to me, but YOU'RE getting upset because this time
online is costing you a fortune. 

SPEAKING of fortune (nice transition).. a week ago I was eating at a
Chinese restaurant with my girlfriend and her family. Them being Chinese,
they didn't eat the fortune cookies. What a waste! All those fortunes
were going to sit there unopened! Since I'm always in dire need of more
fortune, and since I find the cookies tolerable to eat, I decided to 
open/eat them all. What follows is each of the fortunes I got in order:

"Someone with blue eyes admires you." 

"Others are anxious to get to know you better." 

"Others find your charm irresistible." 

and then... 

"Appearances are often deceiving." 


1.      DH2 MOVE COMPLETE!! 

What's even spookier than that? (Besides a newsletter where the header
doesn't have "To: --first-- --last--", that is?)

The DreamHost 2 migration is officially DONE! That's right, every last
dang person is now on our super-duper-pooper-scooper new system! I guess
that means we can stop referring to it as DreamHost 2, and just start
calling it DreamHost again! Or something! 

I promise we will never undertake a complete re-write of our entire
 hosting system again! Never! Unless some huge telcom buys us out or
something.  NO! Never! 

That's really the main reason for this newsletter.. to let everybody know
that you're all FINALLY on the same page! If you were just moved in the
last few days, and are having problems (or anybody else for that matter),
you can write in through the support area of the new panel
https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=support&subtab=msg . If the problem is
that you can't check/send your email (hey.. how are you reading this?) 
maybe you're not using mail.domain.com and not just domain.com? You've got 
to do that in DreamHost 2 (er, DREAMHOST) you know.. 

Now the next thing on our agenda is lots of modifications to our tech
support system. It will be "ticket" based and you'll be able to see the
full history of each ticket and its current status online at any time, as
well as notes we make about it, etc. You'll also be able to reply to
messages from the same ticket via email, without having to go to the
web panel each time. A lot of improvements will be made to OUR interface
as well, which should result in (even) better support responses and
(even) happier customers. Just the fact that we no longer have to devote
any resources to the (damn) DreamHost 2 move should greatly improve our
(already great) support! 

As another fortune cookie I once got said, "Great things are made of
little things." 

What relevance that fortune has to the preceding section I will leave as 
an exercise to the reader. 

2.      DHSOTM! 

[see https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=home&subtab=dhsotm]

July's DreamHost Site of the Month winner is clearly.. 
http://www.yougrowgirl.com/ !

It's a nifty site all about growing plants and stuff and I think it's
directed towards females! Hence the domain name? Yes! Hence! 

"You grow girl"'s got a nice layout, a pleasing color scheme, and lots of
good info. Is it really any wonder that they won? 

Because of their good FORTUNE, and because I once got a fortune cookie
that said "You will become a great philanthropist in your later years." 
I will be personally sending the winner the DreamHost buttons plus T-
shirt shown at: 

https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=home&subtab=dhsotm&command=prizes !! 

And ladies, if you're wondering who the model is in those pictures (we
know you are.. we've got the emails to prove it!) that's Rob, a Happy
DreamHost Employee, and fortunately for you he's got lots of pictures of
himself sitting on the toilet at http://www.49days.com/ ! 

3.      Expert Addresses Mode! 

Now that the move's over and we've got some free time, we're working more
and more on patches and fixes to the DreamHost system. A lot of these
fixes are the direct result of emails and suggestions from you guys! So
let me re-iterate how much we LIKE to hear from you! Especially through
the suggestion form at https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=home&subtab=sugg

We try and do the suggestions that we can as soon as we can, and if you
don't get a reply for a while that means we're actually working on it and 
we'll write you back when it's done (or decided it can't be done
for some reason). Really, that's why you haven't gotten a reply!

The newest implemented suggestion is the addition of an "expert" mode to
the Email Addresses tab 
(https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=mail&subtab=aliases). It was brought up
by one shrewd customer who thought that although the new area was "easier" 
it was a lot slower and more cumbersome than how it was in the old system. 
The old system just had a big text area for each domain and you'd enter 
each address you wanted on its own line, like this:
* 	me@aol.com
spam 	null
spam2 bounce 
friends 1@aol.com, 2@aol.com, 3@aol.com
workers mailbox1, mailbox2, 4@aol.com

Well, now there's a link at the top of our addresses tab that says either
"Beginner Mode" or "Expert Mode". Just click the link to switch modes! 
It'll remember your mode too! We actually plan on adding different modes
like this for a lot of our tabs. That way, when people aren't familiar 
with the tab they can use beginner mode, and then when they just want to 
get the job done as quickly as possible they can switch to expert! 

It's just like the fortune cookie I once got said,

"You will never need to worry about a steady income".

4.      Other fortune cookies I've actually gotten.. 

"The greatest danger could be your stupidity". 

"Your sense of humor is enjoyed by all." 


P.S. "A modest man never talks of himself." 

Last updated: Jul 12, 2001.