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Question   v3.6 June 2001
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v3.6 June 2001

0.	Introduction
1.	panel.dreamhost.com OPTIMIZED!
3.	DreamBook re-done!
4.	DH2 Move
5.	Random quotes from newdream.net

0.	Introduction

Welcome once again to this year's installment of DreamHost's June 
newsletter! Brought to you, in typically timely fashion, during
the first few days of July. 

Things are really heating up now! Well, not for those of you in 
the southern hemisphere I guess. But how many Australian customers
do we really have anyways? 245. And is 245 a lot of Australians? 
No, unless you count each of our Australians as 100,000 regular 
Australians. Which they deserve to be counted as, because in our
eyes they are at least 100,000 times better than an average 

In fact, in our eyes, EACH AND EVERY ONE of our customers is 
anywhere from 10 to 500 THOUSAND times better than the average 
non-customer in his or her respective home country. I know that 
sounds like a hard statement to back up, but we're ready to stand
behind it! Go ahead, ask us!

So I hope you guys and gals all appreciate how much better you are 
than everybody else. Anyway, things ARE really heating up! And I'm
not only talking about outdoor-temperature-wise (australia 
excluded), but also indoor-dreamhost-dark-coding-room-wise as well!
This month we've made some really "HOT" progress on a bunch of 
ongoing New Dream Network projects. I'd expect even Alfonso Ribiero 
would consider them "HOT".

(see http://www.upn44.tv/OnAir/newstalk/yourbigbreak/bigbreakIMAGE.jpg 
for what I'm talking about.. Actually, I'll just tell you what I'm 
talking about. Alfonso hosts this show called "Your Big Break!" 
that's kind of like Karaoke on krack, and after EACH and EVERY 
contestant he says something like "Wow, that was HOT! Wasn't that HOT?
She was really HOT!". Every time.)

1.       panel.dreamhost.com OPTIMIZED!

In case you didn't read the announcement on Friday (517 people have. 
I dare say these 517 are 2 to 3 times better than those of you who 
have not.) the DreamHost (2) web panel is now much MUCH faster than 
it use to be!

In fact, EVERY ONE of our web-based systems was super-souped up on 
Friday! We'd been trying for a while to speed up our systems, since 
they seemed way too slow to us, as well as many of you (whom 
frequently let us know!).

We finally figured it out after Jason (system administrator extra-
ordinary) started logging database accesses that were taking a long 
time to complete. I noticed that the main one was a select across two 
tables in our session-tracking database that took 10-15 seconds each
time! It turned out that select was getting run for EVERY SINGLE PAGE 
LOAD, since it was related to the sessions. Adding another index to 
that table was all that was needed to improve the speed to about 0.00 
seconds! Let me tell you that going from approximately 12 to 0.00 
seconds is a big improvement! BEEEEG!

We still have lots of other ideas to make our system faster as well 
as easier to use.. we're not ditching them just because we found the 
bottleneck that was slowing everything about 10-fold! Nonetheless 
this made us so happy we just had to tell everybody! Yay!

Because of his heroics, Jason ended up being Employee of the Month for 
June, (as voted by his peers)! Wasn't he hot?

2.        DHSOTM!

Speaking of "of the Month", this month's DreamHost Site of the Month 
winner is clearly.. http://www.lionessden.com/ ! 
[see https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=home&subtab=dhsotm]

They win the totally hot DreamHost T shirt and one inch buttons 
mentioned last newsletter! As well as all the other great stuff listed 

https://panel.dreamhost.com/?tab=home&subtab=dhsotm&command=prizes !!

Because we now give out such rocking prizes, I'm _sure_ there's going 
to be a big influx of people listing their sites up there. SO, there's 
a new rule that JUST went into effect. You can't list your own site 
until you've rated at least 10 people's sites who are already there, 
okay? People are being a *little too greedy*, posting their sites and 
not taking the time to look at anybody elses, and this whole contest 
just isn't going to work unless we can all pull together here, like a 
team, and give a little.

Oh yeah, so what is lionessden.com all about? Well it's another one of 
them durn web logs but it's good! And updated every couple of days, 
too. So that means good every couple of days! So it's like good, 
nothing, nothing, good, nothing, good, nothing, nothing, good...

3.	DreamBook re-done!

Nothing, nothing, good, nothing, good.. 

That reminds me that DreamBook is now completely migrated to our new 

It means the management area is WAY faster than before (thanks to the
improvement mentioned in part 1) AND that you can use your current NDN 
ID you use for DreamHost to create and manage DreamBooks! No logging 
in again, no other passwords, no nothing! Just go to dreambook.com and 
click the link to Manage your DreamBook and you'll be logged in! 

If you already have an old DreamBook account you can tie it to your 
NDN ID by clicking the "The Tie Section" link on the main page. (If 
you had multiple dreambook users before you can tie them all together 
under your NDN ID!). If you didn't already have an account, you can 
just create your first book right away when you get there.

Also, since the systems are now integrated you can turn off the 
banner ads on your DreamBook directly from the Management area without 
any interference from us! Our next plan is to allow you to put your 
DreamBook at the domain you host with us! Wouldn't that be.. HOST? Er, 

4.	DH2 Move

When is this thing going to end? Sooner than you think! If you'll 
remember, last month's newsletter announced we had five old DreamHost 
machines cleared.

Well, now we have 22 machines completely cleared.. only SIX remain! 
Really, it is entirely possible that we'll be done with the move and 
all of DH1 forever.. within 2 weeks.

That'll be such a HOT DEAL that the July newsletter will go out the 
DAY the move is complete. And then we'll have a big party or at least 
play some video games or something.

We really really appreciate everybody's patience with this whole ordeal, 
and we're really trying our best to make sure the final bits of the move 
go off without a hitch (where a hitch is defined as any interruption of 

5.	Random quotes from newdream.net

"A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and 
ask for it back the when it begins to rain." -- Robert Frost 

"The Illiterati Programus Canto 1: A program is a lot like a nose: 
Sometimes it runs, and sometimes it blows."

"If you do something right once, someone will ask you to do it again."

"The economy depends about as much on economists as the weather 
does on weather forecasters." -- Jean-Paul Kauffmann 


Last updated: Jul 02, 2001.