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'Can I create custom DNS records (MX, A, CNAME, etc)?' Help Folder   Can I create custom DNS records (MX, A, CNAME, etc)?
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Can I create custom DNS records (MX, A, CNAME, etc)? Description
Advanced users might want to be able to set all the dns (domain name service) settings for their domains and sub-domains manually by hand if they are hosting some of their sites on their own home or office networks.

We allow this (except for people on the Crazy Domain Insane plan).

If you aren't on CDI, then the DNS subtab will automatically appear within the Domains tab of our web panel. That's where you can go to over-ride any of the standard DNS settings. There's a warning here to be careful if you don't know what you're doing - we do our best to check against common errors, but it is possible to create errors here which will cause your domain's zone file not to load at all.

If you are on CDI, you can still contact support and have them add custom records for you.

More complicated setups:

If you need special NS or TXT records, or have other more complicated requests, contact support. It's likely that we can accomodate your request.

If you want to define custom MX records, and you can't do what you need in the Mail -> MX tab of the web panel, you will almost definitely want to disable the mail service for the domain first, then add the new MX record or records. If you need the mail service to remain active but want to point the MX record(s) elsewhere, you should contact support.

Wildcards... in general, we will not add wildcard DNS records for you on a shared hosting account. This is for a number of reasons. If you have a special request, we'll consider it, provided you truly understand all of the implications of doing this. For dedicated customers, it's no problem to do this. Note that this won't work with name-based virtual hosting - if you're pointing a wildcard record at a domain or subdomain hosted with us, you'll need to add a unique IP to the domain / subdomain you're pointing the wildcard record to. We recommend using a CNAME rather than an A record for this, in case the IP changes.

Last updated: Jul 07, 2004.

User Post (2004-07-07 23:11:03 by william)
Note - you can still ask support to add a custom entry for you, even if you don't have access to the custom DNS tab.
User Post (2003-12-04 15:42:31 by pavlos)
It would be very useful if all Dreamhost plans included the capability to add just one subdomain with a cname dns entry. I understand that full access to dns records comes only with higher end plans, but very limited access should be considered. For example, under the "Add Domain" tab of the control panel, in addition to the current options (Fully Host or Park/Mirror/Redirect) a new option could be added allowing
the user to enter an A or CNAME DNS entry for the subdomain.