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Question   Can I have my guestbook in a language other than English?
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Can I have my guestbook in a language other than English?
Yes you can!

Our system can store and print any sort of character encoding you enter into it, so Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, whatever, will all work!

The only thing that can't be translated is the date of posts, if you have them in a format like "Wednesday, December 29th" unfortunately.

Since you can completely customize the look (and text) of your DreamBook, you can also name your fields and sign form in any language you'd like.

To customize your forms, log into the DreamBook management area from www.dreambook.com, click on your book, then click on "Customize Forms."

From here, you can customize any and all of the different parts of your DreamBook, and make them say whatever you want, in whatever language you want.

Note: This is not a translation service. To have a foreign language guestbook, you must edit the HTML code of your Dreambook with the correct tags, then enter the foreign language text yourself. To learn more about how to do that, check out these links on internationalization.

Last updated: Dec 29, 2004.