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Question   Using your DreamHost support options.
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Using your DreamHost support options.
Where can I get help for my DreamHost account?

Your DreamHost account isn't merely a place to park your web site; we also also provide you with full support for all your hosting needs. We offer several options, described in this document, which you can use to keep your site running smoothly.

If you need specific help with any of these options, please refer to the related items section at the bottom of this article.

Your Options
  • There are several ways to get support with your Dreamhost account. The very first place to go is right here in Kbase. Kbase contains nearly 1000 articles on all aspects of web hosting and account management, and is growing every day.

    Kbase is a database of the accumulated knowledge of our support technicians. Within its stores you will find the answers to the questions DreamHost members ask most often, as well a great deal of general documentation on account services and features. Odds are, you'll find your answer here.

  • If you're unable to find your answer in the Kbase articles, try visiting the discussion forum. Although not an 'official' support channel, the support forum is a great place to discuss the latest in web design techniques, the technical details behind CGI/Perl coding, and any other questions you might have.

  • You can also contact a DreamHost Support technician directly through the Web Panel.
Offsite Resources

Although the above options (with exception of the message board) are mostly for hosting-related questions, you can find answers to all sorts of generic web related questions all over the 'net. Throughout the KBase you will find links to sites that we find especially informative or useful for webmasters and designers. One of the best general sources for finding information is Google Groups:


Google Groups (formerly DejaNews) is a free service which provides a searchable interface to thousands of Usenet newsgroups. You can converse with numerous others about the latest in design techniques, hosting, or just about anything else imaginable. Even those who prefer not to involve themselves in these conversations will be impressed with the sheer amount of stored knowledge available from this service.

You can also access newsgroups via a Usenet newsreader client. Recent versions of Netscape Communicator have a fairly decent reader built in. If configured properly, you will be able to access newsgroups by clicking on a specially formatted URL. We have supplied links to several useful newsgroups below.

Note that many groups have a large percentage of unsolicited commercial content (aka. 'spam'), although you can find some pretty good discussion in many groups. Also note that spamming these newsgroups in advertising your site is against our terms of service.

Web Design
news: comp.infosystems.www.authoring.site-design


Last updated: Aug 11, 2005.