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Question   Updating your contact information
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Updating your contact information
I'd like to double-check my email and mailing address, making any corrections as necessary. Can I do that?

You sure can!


You can change your contact information at the Account Control Panel. Here's how:
  1. Click on the link to https://panel.dreamhost.com/id.

    The link is located at the top of the page:

  2. You should be logged in automatically. But if you're not, enter your username and password as prompted, then press the Log In button:

  3. Click on the words Contact Info in blue. This will take you to the contact info page.

  4. Select a field to edit by clicking on one of the links below. You can also click on "All Primary" to edit more than one field.

Why you should keep your information current:

Why keep your contact information up to date? Well, if we need to get ahold of you in order to let you know about specific issues that may affect your site, we'll need valid information to contact you with. If for some reason we cannot process a payment or encounter a problem specific to your account, we'll need to have a place where we can contact you.

Last updated: Aug 11, 2005.