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Question   How do I use FTP to upload my site?
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How do I use FTP to upload my site?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a very popular standard with which to upload and download files to and from computer to computer. Like most web hosts, we provide access to our servers via FTP.

Which FTP Client Should I Use?

For the Macintosh, you will probably want to look into one of the following FTP clients, which we recommend:




For Microsoft Windows-based PCs, you will find that the following two programs are most popular, and are well supported with Dreamhost's servers (also note that most web-design software like Frontpage and Dreamweaver have FTP built-in):



There are dozens of FTP clients available for just about every operating system out there. For Linux, your command line FTP program is probably as good as any graphical client (then again, if you run Linux, you probably knew that).
You can even find FTP clients for your PalmPilot, MacOS X Server, and all sorts of other operating systems. If you need help finding one, let us know.

Once you have downloaded an FTP program, we suggest that you read the documentation in order to become familiar with its capabilities. However, as most FTP clients function pretty much in the same fashion, you should find these instructions useful in getting started.

The Proper Settings

Once you have your FTP program open and running, you will still need to point it somewhere to upload files. You'll need to enter the 'hostname' of your site (often called a domain name or server, depending on the FTP program). For example, if your site is viewable at 'www.dreamhostrules.com', the hostname would simply be 'dreamhostrules.com'.

If your domain hasn't been set up yet (not registered or not transferred to DreamHost) you can still upload your site directly to your machine name temporarily. You should have gotten the name of your machine in a welcome email, it will be of the form machine.dreamhost.com.

Next, you'll probably be prompted for a username and password. These values should have been given to you when you first signed up. If you have any questions as to what they are, please feel free to ask.

You may also be asked for a starting directory. This tells the FTP client where to put you within the directory structure of your account. Almost all web sites need to go into a directory named after the domain they are hosted under, not in the root of the account! Although putting your files directly into the root directory will not break anything, this will certainly prevent you from seeing your site until you move them. For the starting directory setting, you should put in a value such as /dreamhostrules.com/ (assuming that was your domain name).

Last updated: Nov 01, 2004.

User Post (2006-01-07 14:54:25 by ahmerhussain)
I'm sure that almost any modern linux distro includes a client aswell.
User Post (2005-10-02 06:31:43 by mgriffin)
I have always had good luck with leechFTP, and it's free.
User Post (2005-09-28 23:17:46 by coryg)
I think Filezilla is absolulty awesome! Bext to Filezilla I think comes in Cute FTP Pro, but to be honesst I htink Smart FTP is just garbage, anything i uploaded with it did not work once it was on my host, not one file, and Cute FTP is much easier to use.
User Post (2005-08-02 11:12:46 by superscience)
I'll second filezilla. great and free.
User Post (2005-07-31 15:01:32 by fiveupfront)
SmartFTP (used by me under Windows XP) seems as simple as you could want - and for personal users it is totally free.
User Post (2005-07-24 17:54:57 by vendetta0814)
is there a way to password what elerium wrote?

someone in my house went on my pc and messed with my FTP totally messing up my webpage and i dont have a backup page.
User Post (2005-07-19 19:00:24 by titus82)
Filezilla (http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/) is a simple, free, and great FTP program for windows.
User Post (2005-05-23 18:57:15 by nvrid)
FTP Commander is very user friendly....
User Post (2005-05-02 23:33:02 by betrayed)
In windows, you can just open up Internet Explorer and in the address bar type in ftp.yoursitename.com and it will take you to the ftp. The from there, right click and go to Login As, then type you username and password and BAM, your in..
User Post (2005-02-07 13:16:38 by elerium)
Windows XP does not require a seperate ftp client. Simply go to My Network places folder (click Start --> My Network Places). Click add a network place (located on the left under network tasks). Click next in the network place wizard. Select "choose another network location." For internet or network address simply put, ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com - Click next, unselect log on anonymously, type in your user name (ftp, not the one you log onto the Dreamhost panel with). Clickity, click, click and then it will ask for your password as it tries to connect. Simply go back to My Network places where a folder will appear as your web site's ftp. Add all the sites you want for easy uploading.
User Post (2005-02-05 09:46:44 by sdfisher)
Another excellent ftp client for the Macintosh is Transmit from Panic. I haven't used the Classic version, only Mac OS X.
User Post (2004-10-16 22:05:54 by cornetto)
Note that for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) you do not need a separate FTP client. In the finder, click on "connect to server..." under the "go" menu (or just hit command-K), and in the dialog box enter your server name, as username@domain, or username@machine.dreamhost.com (substitute the name of your machine from the welcome email).