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Question   How can I close my DreamBook account?
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How can I close my DreamBook account?
I'd like to delete my DreamBook account but I can't see where it can be removed. Help me!

That's because there is no way to close your account! It doesn't matter though, because we never email you, and it costs nothing. Just stop linking to your guestbook and it'll be out of your life forever.

We never send any email to our members or give out personal data, so there is no harm in keeping an inactive account.

We appreciate you wanting to keep our database neat and tidy, but really we don't mind keeping your data forever, languishing unused.

You can't delete your DreamBook account, but you can delete individual DreamBooks. See the Related Links for details.

Last updated: Jun 11, 2001.

User Post (2005-06-25 11:03:58 by easybreather)
I made a new one on my web page, nothing wrong with Dream Books! You're still great!