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Question   How do I create a Dreambook?
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1. How do I create a Dreambook?
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How do I create a Dreambook?
It's easy!
  1. Simply go to http://www.dreambook.com.

  2. Click on the "Make a Dreambook" link.

  3. Enter the following information into the apporopriate text boxes:
    • The web ID (username) you'd like.
    • Think of a password, and enter it into the first box. Enter it again into the second box.
    • Your birthday (used to recover your password).
    • Your email address.
    • An Answer to your Secret Question.
  4. Please consider also filling out the rest of the info there.
  5. Press the Sign Up Now! button.
  6. Click the link that says "Click here to continue.." and you'll be at the form you need to complete to make your first book!

Last updated: Sep 16, 2002.