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1. Can non-customers purchase gift certificates too?

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From here you may purchase a DreamHost Gift Certificate in any amount. Perfect for any occasion!

  1. First, enter the amount of money for which you would like to create a gift certificate.

  2. Next, select the payment method to which you'd like the amount charged.

  3. You will then be given a seemingly random string of gobbledygook. Don't be afraid! That gobbledygook is actually the gift certificate code! Go ahead and give that to your best friend (or whoever!)
Gift certificate codes can only be used once, so be sure to hold it close to your heart!

Last updated: Jul 26, 2005.

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Question Can non-customers purchase gift certificates too?
Absolutely! Current DreamHost customers and non-customers alike can purchase gift certificates through our public interface at http://www.dreamhost.com/gc.cgi .