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Question   Do you support dynamic fonts?
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Do you support dynamic fonts?

Currently, your users' browsers only recognize a limited set of fonts. If you use a special font, for instance some of the fancier ones included with Front Page, chances are that many of your visitors will not be able to see them. Special fonts that are not recognized revert to a default font (usually Times New Roman).

Dynamic fonts allow you to use special fonts on your website, even if a visitor's browser doesn't recognize those fonts. The special fonts are saved in a file on your site's server (with the extension .FPR), and can be downloaded to your visitor's computer.

The basic steps for creating dynamic fonts are:
  1. Download or purchase a typograph. A typograph is a piece of software that creates the PFR files.

  2. Create your PFR files. This basically comes down to writing the text you want to appear in a special font and telling the typograph to save your text in that font. This file will sit in your domain's directory.

  3. Link your web page to the PFR file. The link will look something like this:

    <LINK REL="FONTDEF" SRC="http://www.yourdomain.com/fontname.pfr">

For more information about dynamic fonts, try these sites: