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Question   v3.3 March 2001
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v3.3 March 2001

0.	Introduction
2.	"Un"official DreamHost Directory
3.	DH2 Move
4.	Gift Certificates
5.	Random quotes from newdream.net


Another day, another newsletter.  I guess you could say "another month,
another newsletter", but it sure didn't take me all month to write this thing!
Well actually, I'm being a *bit* presumptuous.. since I'm writing the 
introduction first I really have no idea how much longer it's going to 
take me to write this thing. But I've already dated it for March, so..

Hmm, I wonder if I should try to make this the April Fools newsletter? It'd 
be silly to make the April newsletter be the April Fools one since it'll come
out further from the 1st than this newsletter is. Okay, that's it, it's 
settled! I've decided to make this the official April Fools newsletter! 

APRIL FOOLS!! This *isn't* the official April Fools newsletter! *HA*

But seriously, do you know what's going on this April Fools? Daylight
savings time, that's what's going on. What's that deal? How many people are 
going to set their clocks forward an hour and how many people are just
going to say "What kind of a Grade-A MORON do they think I am?" 

SPEAKING of Grade-A.. if you're from California you undoubtably know about 
those health grade signs restaurants have to put in their windows, right? They
have a big letter grade ("A", "B", or "C") and say stuff about laws and 
cockroaches and stuff.

Well I was thinking one day, those would make funny t-shirts! And it 
turns out I was right! So Rob and I took some pictures of them at local
restaurants (it was hard to find an "A" actually) and then painstakingly
recreated the signs in photoshop. Then we created some cafepress.com stores
and WAHLA! You can go and order some right now! GO! BUY! They are cool!
We didn't even mark them up at all.. we get no money from the whole deal.

Here are the urls for the "stores":


I got a c-grade one myself and an a-grade for my girlfriend. We are so cool.


Okay, so you've probably heard about the DreamHost Site of the Month contest
if you've been with us more than a month. That's because every month we
announce the winner here in the newsletter. The rules are simple: Everybody
goes to the web panel, clicks on the DHSOTM area and votes on the websites
there. Whatever site has the highest average vote with a minimum of five votes
wins! It is completely peer-review based! To enter *your* site you go to that
same DHSOTM area.

This month's winner is http://www.marcusmaidment.com/ - the website of Marcus 
Maidment, Canadian Indie Artist. What does Marcus get for being the superb 
winner? He got it already. Being mentioned here is the prize. 

But that's pretty good! This newsletter goes out to over 10,000 webmasters, 
all of them dying to find out who this month's DHSOTM winner is!


Starting yesterday we moved the voting area over from DH1 to DH2! Why? Because
it wasn't really being used in DH1 due to its horrible design (for which I take
full responsibility). ALL the sites were listed on one HUGE page, with a submit
button at the bottom. There were 550+ sites!! Nobody voted anymore because I'm
sure just going to the page crashed their browser with no remorse.

SO! The voting area has been totally rewritten and it is rather swank now
(and only available in DH2. DH1 users, don't worry... we're almost done moving
you all to DH2 anyway. More on that later!) if I do say so myself.

Some of the new features include: 
    * Much more manageable 25 sites per page!
    * Sites are sortable by Name, Submitted Date, Number of Votes, and Average Vote!
    * Voting is in convenient "Am I Hot Or Not" style! (Comments are optional.)
    * You can delete/edit comments or sites you've submitted to the contest!
    * Improved navigation for quick and dirty site reviewing!

Pleeeeease, go check it out. It's under the Home tab, DHSOTM sub-tab. Add your
site if you haven't already and then give others your comments too. I've 
noticed some of the sites we host are kind of cool. And please resist the temptation
to use ALL THREE of your DreamHost accounts to rate your site a 10, iceboxdesign.com!

Next month the winner will be whatever site has the highest average vote with
TEN or more votes, since I truly think a lot more people will use the area now
that it's well, usable.

2. "Un"official DreamHost Directory

SPEAKING of other sites hosted with DreamHost, did you know about the Unofficial
DreamHost Directory? NOW YOU DO!

It's at http://directory.dreamhost.com/ and it's a Yahoo!-style list of sites 
hosted with us. The site was put up by Cheryl D. (a customer.. no foolin'!) a long 
time ago with no input from us! Honestly! It now boasts 1351 sites in its fold, 
with more joining all the time. 

So if you'd like to get word of your site out there among other Happy DreamHost-
types, but can't stand the scrutiny of public votes and comments, this may be the
place for you. But really, facing up to your insecurities is the only way you're
ever going to grow as a person.

And thanks a lot Cheryl! 

3. DH2 Move

SPEAKING of DH1 people no longer being able to vote on the DHSOTM.. there are
less and less of you left! In March, we more than doubled the total number of people
migrated to the new system. It's been relatively mishap-free overall, although some
people have experienced some  problems which we continue to iron out. If you 
haven't been moved yet, consider this: at least when you do it'll go more smoothly!

We have gotten the last few difficulties ironed out of the move process and so
I'm about 60% sure that by next newsletter I'll be able to announce that EVERYBODY
has finally been moved. Then we can retire this section of the newsletter once and 
for all!

Well, what the hey, I'm 100% sure I'll _announce_ it next newsletter...  truth be damned!

4. Gift Certificates

Anybody signing up for DreamHost in the last six months or so might have noticed
that you can pay by gift certificate. You probably also noticed that YOU didn't 
have one. 

And why not? You have plenty of friends and there'd been plenty of occasions 
for them to gift you with certificates. Why had none done so?

I guess they just don't like you.

5. Random quotes from newdream.net

"The rule on staying alive as a forecaster is to give 'em a number or 
give 'em a date, but never give 'em both at once." 
-- Jane Bryant Quinn 

"Most rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people 
who can't talk for people who can't read." 
-- Frank Zappa 

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit 
-- Will Rogers 

"The church is near but the road is icy; the bar is far away but I will 
walk carefully."
 -- Russian Proverb 


Baruch's Observation: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. 

The early worm gets the bird.


P.S. About the gift certificates...

No no that probably wasn't it! They just couldn't, that's all. You see, although we 
had a private mechanism for awarding gift certificates, there was no public mechanism! 

Until now. That's right, DH2 users only (hang in there DH1-ers) can now see a "Gift 
Certificates" sub-tab below the "Billing" tab. Use that area to purchase gift 
certificates with your credit card! Email them or print them out, and give them to 
whomever you choose!

Also as a special hidden bonus, anybody who signs up with a gift certificate you've
given them will automatically be credited as a referral by you! 

(Quick refresher: That means that *EVERY* time they make *ANY* payment on *THEIR* 
account, you'll get a credit of 10% of that amount onto *YOUR* account, *FOREVER*!) 

*I* *LOVE* *DOING* *THIS* *!*

Last updated: May 03, 2001.