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Question   v3.4 April 2001
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v3.4 April 2001

0.	Introduction
1.	Kbase.newdream.net
2.	Discssion.dreamhost.com
3.	New Announcements
4.	Suggestions
5.	Dreambook Support
7.	DH2 Move
8.	Random quotes from newdream.net

0.	Introduction

Looks like I made it through another month (April) without writing a single newsletter.
Actually that's not really a victory on my part. It just means two newsletters
this month (May). I promise I'll space them out as far as I can though.. you 
will not receive another newsletter until at least Memorial Day (May 28th). Well,
not from us anyway (DreamHost). 

Ooh I just remembered I have to change my NBA "Hoop Heaven" calendar! Hold on... OOO!
It looks like this month's (May's) "Hoop Angel" is Reggie Miller.. who is scheduled 
to lose tonight at 9pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) to Allen Iverson (The Answer) on 
TNT  (Tri Nitro Toluene). Oh actually it is on TBS (Tri Bitro Soluene).

Anyway, usually I try and have a theme for the monthly newsletter. Usually the
theme is something like "New Happenings around Dreamhost", but occasionally it
is just "Another Piece of Email to Delete." This month, however, the theme is 
something totally different. This month, all the sections revolve around how much 
we like to listen to you (our customers)! The irony that this is the theme of 
a newsletter we are making YOU read is not lost on me. But I don't see all of you
getting together to write a newsletter for us to read! If you did, I promise we'd 
read it. 

As long as it wasn't too long or boring in any way.

1.	Kbase.newdream.net

In case you haven't sent us a support query or even visited the support tab in the 
last month (God bless your soul), we thought we'd announce that we launched our new
New Dream Network Knowledge Base in April! It's a searchable central repository for
all our documentation, faqs, and how-tos about DreamHost and all our other NDN systems.
It's constantly being updated and tweaked with new information and better articles and
more relevant search terms, so please always give it a shot when you find yourself asking
yourself, "self, what is such and so-forth for?". What really makes it cool is that
anybody can post their own comments on any of the articles (or start up a thread in the 
discussion area) and contribute to the usefulness and POWER of the Kbase! (Note this is
heavily related to this month's newsletter "theme".)

Kbase is still being beta tested, so there are a couple of minor annoyances.. you have to 
log in again when you use it the first time, and although it is located at 
/kbase/ we haven't set up the secure certificate yet so you'll 
have to click through the warning message your browser pops up when you visit it. Of 
course both of these MINOR annoyances will be corrected when the kbase officially 
launches and gets linked to all over the place (and not just from the support tab like 
it is now).

2.	Discssion.dreamhost.com

Another beta system we JUST released (like, uh.. today!) is the new and improved Dreamhost
Discussion Board! It's located at http://discussion.dreamhost.com/ and it's basically a 
web-based forum for DreamHost customers (old and new) to go and talk about whatever they'd 
like. It doesn't have to be DreamHost related, though it is certainly a good place to go
for that! Official DreamHost folks will always be using that system just like everybody else
so if you've got a grievance, gripe, grouse, or grumble that's a great public forum in which
to air it! Remember, we like to listen to you! Why else would we make this discussion area?

3.	New Announcements

If you've read this far you must be really interested in what we have to say... or else
not have realized that was just a rhetorical question that ended the last section. But anyway,
we appreciate it and so we're giving you another great way to listen to what we have to say..
via a new announcement system! Think of it as sort of the yang to discussion.dreamhost.com's
yin. The yin allows you guys to announce things to us, and the new announcement system allows
us to announce things to youse.

All you guys need to know about the new and improved announcement system is that sometimes
when you log into the web panel (https://panel.dreamhost.com/) you'll see right underneath
the tabs the words "New Announcements". Then there will be a list of the new announcement(s)
that pertain to you that we've made. You should probably look at them (just click the "New
Announcements" link) not just so that you know what we're talking about, but also so they'll
go away!

4.	Suggestions

Short of spending an evening of karaoke together, there really isn't a better way for us
to listen to you (our customers) then through our suggestions tab! There's not really anything
new about suggestions this month, but they just fit so well with the theme you know?

So just as a reminder.. we're always open to customer suggestions about any aspect of 
our business (for the last time, our personal lives are OFF LIMITS), and the proper channel
for these suggestions is through the "Suggestions" sub-tab right off the "Home" tab on our
"Web" panel. All those submissions are read by yours truly (me) and if you're not just a 
raving looney I try and make sure something gets done about it!

5.	Dreambook Support

I know this is the DreamHOST newsletter and not the DreamBOOK newsletter. 
I know DreamHOST is never talked about in the DreamBOOK newsletter.
But that's because there is no DreamBOOK newsletter.

I just had to announce here that we are now listening to ALL our customers,
not just the hosting ones, with the resumption of Dreambook Support. Also
we've been adding a bunch of nice features and gradually rebuilding the back
end. We got the ideas for the new features by listening to you (our customers)!


Yay I'm so excited! This is the first month of DHSOTM to use the new DH2 version, and it 
seems to have caught on pretty well! Over 170 sites were addded in April to the contest,
along with umptee-odd peer reviews! And through all that the winner (the highest average 
vote with over 10 votes) is.... go to the web panel and check yourself!

Okay I'll tell you! It's Westcoast Worldwide Records with an average rating of 6.09 after
11 votes. Located at http://www.westcoastworldwide.com/wcww/ the site provides updates on
bands on their label ("some of the biggest acts in California Hardcore") and is updated 
pretty frequently. I like that guy on the main page. Reminds me of my grandfather.

Hey how about this? If you win DHSOTM not only do you get a nifty space in the Newsletter
you now also get an announcement about the win on the Web Panel via the NEW announcements
system! Rock on!

7.	DH2 Move

In case you've forgotten.. we're still moving people from our old system to the new and
improved DH2 system! It's coming along nicely too.. we've completely cleared off five of
our old servers and are "rebirthing" the hardware as DH2 servers. Clearing off a machine
is a really big step (in the right direction too!) because that means we can now move 
every type of customer, no matter what special services they have set up! So now it's just
a matter of actually doing it for everybody! And doing it is caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.

8.	Random quotes from newdream.net

Do not think by infection, catching an opinion like a cold. 

It is always the best policy to tell the truth, unless, of 
course, you are an exceptionally good liar. -- Jerome K. Jerome 

How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 
One to hold the giraffe and one to fill the bathtub with
brightly colored power tools. 


Last updated: May 03, 2001.