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Question   How best to transfer content from another host?
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How best to transfer content from another host?
So I'm trying to transfer my website from another host. The site is rather large and dynamic so I need to do it from host to host as opposed to using my machine in the middle. I don't have shell access on my old host so that complicates things. I've tried mget -R in ftp and tried ncftp as well but haven't been able to download the site recursively. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Last updated: May 04, 2001.

User Post (2001-05-02 14:27:23 by josh)
Hmm, you might be able to scp over to your old host, even without shell access there.. but I'm not sure if it'll work.<p>
The command would be (from your dreamhost account):

scp -pdr user@old.server.name:~/domain_dir/* .<p>
Or possibly some sort of windows-based ftp client might do recursive copying okay. (Copy it to your home computer, then to the dreamhost server. I know you said you didn't want to do that but really that shouldn't mess things up if you never open any files in windows..).<p>
User Post (2005-11-11 05:04:41 by er-minio)
> On Mac OS X there's "Captain FTP" which is awesome for server-to-server transfers.

tnx gnasby... just opende my new account here on Dreamhost, I'm moving from my old Italian Hosting... I'll give Captain FTP a try ;)
User Post (2005-10-25 23:15:07 by udioron)
If you use wget, be sure you specify a deep enough -l flag (the default is 5 directories deep only)
User Post (2005-10-15 04:04:49 by reywob)
rsync is the best way to do this if your old host allows it:

rsync -av -e ssh oldusername@oldhost:/path/to/olddomainfiles/ /path/on/dreamhost/
User Post (2005-06-10 18:42:10 by farialima)
the 'wget' solution posted by phil062 worked for me, but I had first to make sure that there was no symbolic link on my old server:
At first I wrote
wget -rc ftp://username:password@olddomain.net/public_html
but public_html was not a real folder, but a link to another folder called "wwwroot/mydomain.com" on server's file system: and wget was only copying the link, so I was downloading only one file...
Once I put:
wget -rc ftp://username:password@olddomain.net/wwwroot/mydomain.com
thinks worked like a charm.
User Post (2005-04-28 14:01:59 by satoshi)
A method that works very well: SSH into your Dreamhost account. From there, FTP to your old host. Then just grab everything you need. The data won't touch your computer (if you want a backup on your computer, then this method may not be the best), so it'll be much quicker.
User Post (2005-03-21 11:05:12 by phil602)
I used wget and it worked quite well.

$ wget -rc ftp://username:password@olddomain.net/directory

Works like a charm. The 'r' option means recursive, and the 'c' option means continue, so that if the download is interrupted, it can be resumed.
User Post (2004-10-14 23:11:56 by roymond)
On Mac OS X there's "Captain FTP" which is awesome for server-to-server transfers.
User Post (2004-07-12 19:37:02 by gnasby)
Use a graphical ftp program that can get the files recursively. The recursion is done client-side, so you don't have to worry about the ftp server supporting it. In X, you can use gftp . If you use Windoze, you can use WS-FTP LE 5.06 (available free from www.ipswitch.com)
User Post (2004-04-14 14:48:30 by dirkslater)
if you don't have shell access, odds are good you can't actually use ssh or scp (which uses ssh). So you are stuck with FTP. I am in the same boat and it is making me cranky.
User Post (2002-11-29 15:50:38 by ncm)
You can use ssh, too, from your dreamhost shell account:

ssh -l old-userid old.server.name 'tar cfz - .' | tar xpfz -

You can run wget in your dreamhost shell account, too, to copy off the
visible part of a web site. (Say "man wget".)