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Question   How do I set up CVS?
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How do I set up CVS?
I want to use cvs so that two or three people can work on my web site at once. How do I get it set up on my acount?

This is for advanced users only who are familiar with the use of cvs.

You can actually set up cvs yourself from any shell account. The process is as follows:

  • Create the directory you want to be your CVS root directory:
    mkdir ~/cvsroot (or whatever you like).
  • If your shell is tcsh, add this line to ~/.tcsh_profile:
    setenv CVSROOT /home/username/cvsroot (or whatever your CVS root dir is).
  • If your shell is bash, add this line to ~/.bash_profile:
    export CVSROOT=/home/username/cvsroot (or whatever your CVS root dir is).
  • Run this command:
    cvs init
Keep in mind that this method will set you up with a cvsroot directory and will allow other people to access it, but it does not provide a complete setup for sharing access to a website with other users. It is up to you to populate the cvsroot with whatever data you want, and it is up to you to copy the cvs files into the live website directory at the appropriate times after changes have been checked into cvs. Also note that you will not be able to view the contents of the cvs repository unless you set up a subdomain or link to the cvsroot directory from your regular website. You may also want to password-protect the cvs version of your website so it is not publicly accessible.

Note that we don't offer anonymous cvs access - just cvs for local users!

Also, here is a nifty tool for Windows users to work with CVS through their local file system: Tortoise CVS.

Last updated: Aug 11, 2005.

User Post (2005-11-30 15:48:28 by mir)
Just to let you know DreamHost does support ext (there was some confusion on that issue).
User Post (2004-12-29 09:00:34 by josh)
DreamHost doesn't offer any web interfaces to CVS.

There are several freeware cvs web packages available on the internet though. For instance, http://cvswebclient.sourceforge.net/ .

Just go to sourceforge and type in 'cvs' and search.
User Post (2005-12-07 09:35:41 by thegoldensun)
For Subversion on DH, see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Subversion
User Post (2005-12-06 00:01:30 by jgraup)
Where do the SSH public keys go? Normally they would go into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
User Post (2005-12-05 22:34:55 by jgraup)
How secure are CVS services? If I develop commercial software as a busines, is my code safe from admins and other users?
User Post (2005-11-09 16:25:15 by colinbarrett)
Regarding subversion, all of the subversion binaries appear to be there. Now, wether or not it will actually work is a different story. I may give it a try.
User Post (2005-05-26 05:21:26 by drumbeatinsight)
to add to this a good tutorial is at
User Post (2005-05-26 05:19:35 by drumbeatinsight)
I had some trouble with this document but got it figured out.

The text says, "If your shell is bash, add this line to ~/.bash_profile:
export CVSROOT=/home/username/cvsroot (or whatever your CVS root dir is)."

I thought this line meant to open the .bash_profile file and copy that text in. That didn't work. I found out you want to execute the export line as a statement in shell. Yes, I'm a newbie.

Here are my steps - Run the commands from shell (I use WinSCP):
1. make your directory
- mkdir ~/cvsroot (or whatever you like).
2. set enviornment variable
- If your shell is tcsh:
setenv CVSROOT /home/.dalilolli/username/cvsroot (or whatever your CVS root dir is).
- If your shell is bash:
export CVSROOT=/home/.dalilolli/username/cvsroot (or whatever your CVS root dir is).
3. initialize cvs repository directory
- cvs init

And you must also set the path to include the whole relative path to your cvs folder. So on a dreamhost server it would look something like this:
User Post (2005-03-16 08:55:56 by objekt)
Will Dreamhost be switching to Subversion anytime soon? http://subversion.tigris.org/
User Post (2005-01-05 23:49:25 by pikkle)
How can I grant someone else access to a CVS repository? As I understand the above:
- no anonymous CVS
- all accounts have to have write access

But how do i create a new CVS account,
How will this work with SSH? Do I have to upload their SSH public keys?
User Post (2004-03-22 22:08:50 by paulclinger)
This link provides great step by step instructions: https://www.daml.org/lab/puttycvs.html
User Post (2003-04-25 10:45:04 by mcmworks)
To clarify what ekiledal says about setting up CVS access from a remote machine:

(note: I'm using bash, so you can either put these two lines in .bash_profile or just type them at the command line)

export CVS_RSH=ssh

export CVSROOT=":ext:user@yourdomain.com:/home/user/whatever_you_called_cvsroot"

then you can just simply do:

cvs co the_thing_I_want

For CVSROOT, remember the quotes!! Thankfully, Dreamhost tech support helped me figure this out. If you don't put the quotes, you may get bizarre "connection refused" error.
User Post (2002-06-11 18:47:28 by frogtoes)
Beware experienced CVS users:
Do not expect operate a normal cvs such as you use on source forge or apache to share files with the public!
You will be greatly disappointed!
This is for sharing between passworded users only, and you can't give out a read only password. All users must have write access.
User Post (2002-04-03 21:20:30 by ekiledal)
To access the CVS server from a remote machine, you can
use the :ext: method and ssh authentication, eg. from unix client running bash/sh:

% export CVS_RSH=ssh