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Question   How do I delete a domain from my account?
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1. How do I delete a domain from my account?
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How do I delete a domain from my account?
  1. Log in to the Account Control Panel. Select the Domains tab, and click on the Manage link.

  2. Click the 'Delete Domain' link beneath the service information of the domain you wish to delete.

  3. You will be asked to confirm your request to remove this domain. Check this box:

  4. Press the Remove Domain button, and you're done!
NOTE: If you have registered the domain, removing it from your DreamHost account will not 'unregister' it. Your domain will remain registered for as long as you have paid for it to do so. You are always free to add a deleted domain back to your account at any time.

Last updated: Feb 04, 2002.

User Post (2005-09-05 04:07:57 by gpb666)
Domains that haven't been reg'd through Dreamhost, even after they expire, they still stay on the domain list. I have loads of domains that I am not using anymore for years, but they still appear on the list. And I don't pay any registration for these domains either. Also the logfiles can only be deleted by Dreamhost Support, not by the actual owner of the domain. I wanna get rid of things that I don't use anymore. But still the past keeps haunting me :-)
User Post (2005-04-22 14:25:27 by roro)
yes, it seems like the domain data itself is not deleted.
the directory is still there as well as all the files inside. I dont know whether the server side needs more time to have everything done, let's me wait and se..........
User Post (2004-07-06 10:28:45 by thalerandthomas)
The warning message also says this,
"...and all of the services beneath it?
"This includes aliases, autoresponders, and mailing lists! ",
which makes the deletion of mirror domains,
e.g. mydomaintesting.dreamhost.com
an apparent dangerous action. For comfort, I changed the domain
to a placeholder domain, checked my real domain, deactivated the mail,
checked my real domain's mail, and deleted this temporary domain
I had set up to test my new domain berfore setting the DNS addresses
for it. The waringing message for mirror domains might indicate too
much damage to the real domain from deletion of the mirror domain.
User Post (2004-02-12 08:33:35 by emzic)
it seems as if the domain data itself is not deleted.
the directory is still there as well as the logfiles.
User Post (2003-12-04 16:09:27 by logicms)
The domain doesn't seem to delete if you have registered it at dreamhost, it stills leaves the domain there with 'Domain Registration' in the box for that domain name. There should be a way of removing this incase you want to open a new plan and transfer the domain to that plan. It seems to be allocated with the first account only.