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Question   Can I upload files without an FTP client?
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Can I upload files without an FTP client?
Many web browsers have built in support for FTP. While this support is fairly basic (ie. you can upload or overwrite files, but cannot delete existing ones), it is usually adequate for a quick edit or until you can download a real FTP client.

Connecting With A Browser Via The Web Panel

Click on the Manage area under the Domains section of the Web Panel.

Then click on the link the "Upload To Site" link for the domain you'd like to upload to. Your web browser will launch, and you'll be asked to enter your FTP password (go ahead and do so). Confirm.

Each browser is a little different. Netscape and Internet Explorer both allow drag and drop editing of your web pages. Just drag the file you'd like to upload onto the window, and it should be sent to the server.

Connecting Directly Via Web Browser

If you don't want to open the Web Panel each and every time you wish to connect, you can also type (or bookmark) the following URL:


...Simply change "youruser" to your FTP user name, and "yourpass" to your FTP password. Note that if this is bookmarked, using that bookmark will not require you to type a password when using it. If you'd rather always be prompted for a password, bookmark the following URL instead:


Last updated: Jul 19, 2004.

Official Reply (2001-06-15 13:40:19 )
If you're hosting a domain with us, you have a password. That password is the one you use for ftp, no matter which of these methods you use. Click <a href = "?area=923">here</a> to learn more about passwords.
User Post (2004-12-13 11:38:36 by felt)
Browser FTP is totaly rediculous. I recommed all Mac users get a copy of Fetch. Its free to try for a awhile and its only like $20 - and you'll be good to go for 10 years - FTP ain't changing soon. Google Fetch...sorry I dont know the link off hand.
User Post (2004-07-06 16:15:06 by djd)
> what happens if you have a password with an ' @ ' in it?

It failed for me, but I don't whether this was due to the @ or the five hour CP delay, since I changed the password just to be sure. Seems risky for DH to include @ in passwords.
User Post (2004-04-13 19:16:12 by icircle)
ok, so how aobut this one i stumbled across:
what happens if you have a password with an ' @ ' in it?
can you still do browser logins or does it muck up the parse?
i'll see if i can figure it out and repost.
User Post (2004-02-26 09:29:53 by canadia)
If anyone is still looking for a good method of file transfers on the mac...


Try fugu. It's a free graphical front-end to sftp.


Subethaedit is a free text editor that can be used with fugu.

I'm using both right now. They work and it has been easy.
User Post (2003-12-03 16:24:18 by mdubinko)
Has anyone else tried this on OS X (Panther) and gotten read-only access? How do I get full read/write access? -m
User Post (2003-08-13 10:07:59 by neoliquid)
I thought that usin a Mac.. or OSX will just mount a new volume on your desktop when you do a ftp through a browser and you can just access that volume (ftp) on your desktop just like any other folder.. its pretty cool. Dont know about OS 9 though.
User Post (2003-06-04 17:30:18 by teresamichele)
I've tried this, and on Mac OS 9.x it works in Netscape, but not IE. In IE, it just opens the file.
User Post (2003-05-29 17:28:38 by inkslinger)
No, this doesn't work for the Mac platform on either IE or Netscape.
User Post (2002-11-30 14:57:10 by jkennard)
As far as I can tell, the drag and drop feature through the browser will not work with IE on a Mac...but it will through Netscape.
User Post (2002-10-01 22:57:40 by kalicat)
as to the mac problem - same here! this really, really, really sucks.
User Post (2002-05-03 06:05:55 by rdonkin)
You can also use SSH, as long as you have an 'scp' program. This is only recommended for people who are comfortable with SSH, but it's much more secure.
User Post (2001-09-23 08:00:12 by skipperkee)
I'm having trouble, what do I put for your_home_directory??
User Post (2001-08-08 14:35:32 by vdonley)
I'm using a Mac, so should I be right to assume that this feature does not work on the Macintosh platform?
I've tried. No success.
User Post (2001-06-03 19:59:05 by kbetzina)
If I downloaded a free FTP, non of these options will work, due to the fact that I don't have a password. how could I remedy that?