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Question   When managing my entries, it only shows me the most recent 50! Why?
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4. When managing my entries, it only shows me the most recent 50! Why?
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When managing my entries, it only shows me the most recent 50! Why?
Although our limit for max guestbook entries is 150, you probably have your guestbook maximum set to 50, the default. You can change it --- here's how:
  1. First, log in to the management area.
  2. Click on the link of the book you wish to change.
  3. Click on the Options link.
  4. In the Max Entries box, replace 50 with the number of entries you want to save, with a maximum of 150.

  5. Press the Save Changes button, and you're done!

Note, your old entries are still in our system, and you can see them via the "Manage Entries" area of http://manage.dreambook.com/

Last updated: Jun 11, 2002.

User Post (2001-08-28 17:27:48 by goeller)
<b>Multiple pages</b>

You can set your maximum number of entries to 10, per the directions above. Although you can't make a multiple-page DreamBook, you can have several DreamBooks, each with a maximum of 10 entries. You can edit the html of each book to link to the next book. This will achieve the effect you desire, although it will require a little bit of work, as it won't be done automatically. Good question!<br><br>

<b>Getting rid of a template</b><br><br>

Of course you can! Here's how:<br><br>

<ol><li>Log into <a href="http://www.dreambook.com">http://www.dreambook.com</a>.
<li>Click on <u>Manage a Dreambook</u>.
<li>Choose which book you want to edit (if you have more than one).
<li>Click on the <u>Templates</u> link.
<li>Click on the <u>Default</u> link, to return your DreamBook to the default configuration. That's all!</ol><br><br>
User Post (2003-10-06 11:25:10 by sigmapsizeta)
Can you please make multiple pages a function for dream book? It's frustrating to have to wait for 50 entries to go load, especially if html or images are used. At the same time, I'd like to keep old messages for future use. I love dreambook, but it's making me miss that old lycos guestbook (gasp)!
User Post (2003-06-27 22:05:23 by congrats_to_clay)
is the 150 entries max per username, or max per guestbook? say i had 10 guestbooks under my screenname, can EACH of those have 150 entries??
User Post (2001-08-28 17:02:50 by krazeechic)
What do I do if I want to have only like 10 entries per page? Can I make my guestbook multiple pages?
User Post (2001-08-24 11:27:50 by mystichild)
Is there any way i can take off a templete after I put it on?