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Question   Is there web-based access to DreamHost Email?
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1. Is there web-based access to DreamHost Email?
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4. Why won't squirrelmail tell me when I have new mail?
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Is there web-based access to DreamHost Email?
Yes! All DreamHost accounts now come with free web-based access to email.

You may access your email via the web at the following url:


(make sure to replace "example.com" with your domain)

It's already set up, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere you can get to the web.

To log in, enter your email address and password into the login form and submit.

Please note that webmail uses IMAP instead of POP, which means it leaves your email messages on our server and won't mess up any other email client you might normally use to check your email.

If you don't see any email messages in your inbox when you log in (but you normally do when you use your other email client), it's because your other email client is set to use POP3 and not keep messages on the server. That's fine of course, but it means that the only copy of that email is on the computer running your email client, and not our servers (where you can access it via the web).

To make copies of your outgoing mail in a "Sent" folder you must do the following. If you don't already see a "sent" folder in the listing on the left, you'll have to create one. Do this by going to "Folders" and creating a folder named "Sent" that is a sub-folder of NONE. Then just go to the Options area, then click on the "Folder Preferences" and choose that "Sent" folder as the "Sent Folder:" setting there!

Note: If you want to access your web mail securely, you can. Just go to https://webmail.example.com/. Some error messages will pop up, but if you just accept them (or even better, import the certificate into your browser), your connection will be encrypted and your username and password won't be going across the Internet as plain text anymore.

Note #2 : If you need to login with your Imap user name and not your alias, then append an exlamation mark after the username when logging in. Example : m203033303030!

Note #3 : If you want end users to be able to change their mailbox passwords (and set up filters and a few other things) without giving them a Web ID, we have a special place set up just for that at http://mailboxes.yourdomain.com/

Note #4 : You cannot currently customize the look of your login screen.

Last updated: May 17, 2004.

User Post (2003-08-22 19:59:07 by william)
With regard to specific plugins, feel free to ask support - we may well be able to install specific plugins.

That said, it's also not too hard to do your own install of Squirrelmail.
User Post (2005-11-02 18:14:19 by cyan)
Has Dreamhost installed the G/PGP Encryption Plugin??
User Post (2005-01-21 15:18:49 by giantmonster)
anyone know if it's possible to install and use the very nice Horde IMP mail program - http://www.horde.org/imp/ - in your Dreamhost server? i prefer Horde over Squirrel Mail.
User Post (2003-04-22 08:44:21 by winebery)
i went to the squirrelmail site and saw some plugins i'd like to install for my squirrelmail. does anyone know if we can do this with dreamhost's install of it?
User Post (2003-04-20 21:57:12 by pariso)
Do you guys know if imap's shared folder feature is enabled or possible to setup? i'm dreaming ...
User Post (2003-03-20 14:36:53 by retreats)
I don't know why some of you don't like Yahoo. It was easy to set up and I've been getting my mail for years that way. Mainly I use the Dreamhost mail-forwarding, which is the quickest way to handle mail (filters). And, now Yahoo has the pop3 buttons right on the front page of "check mail".
User Post (2002-09-28 16:48:57 by affordab)
FYI - if you use both pop and webmail I find its best to leave the mail on the server so you can see it from both pop and webmail. You can normally change your settings in your pop software to leave the mail on the server - the default is normally to download it - so you may have to hunt for the option and switch it to leave mail on server
User Post (2002-07-11 17:18:04 by lmm255)
Thanks guys, this is a great service. Seems robust - I tested sending attachments and had no problem. Didn't test the size limit though - is there one?
User Post (2002-06-30 04:00:58 by mrg)
Man, you guys are the best. I'm in Japan with no internet access set up yet, and Hotmail drops their POP access. I try Yahoo and it sucks, so I decide to check on my options with DreamHost. What a breeze. I've been more than happy with everything associated with my service since day one.
User Post (2002-05-22 09:37:47 by wweng)
LOL.. I just found out this though I configured squirrelmail already on my account. :)

But it didn't like yahoo.com or hotmail.com so I decided to give webmail a try.

GOOD WORK!!!!!!!
User Post (2002-02-16 09:48:21 by ardco)
On creating a "Sent" folder - If you create a "Sent" folder it is automatically designated in Options/Folder Preferences, but if you create it as "SENT", then you must select it yourself. It would be nice if it came already created by default, but this help wasn't difficult to find (for a DH customer). I wonder about others. Anyway, Thanks for webmail!
User Post (2002-02-06 05:18:42 by gtrinker)
This is great, now I can stop forwarding mail to yahoo in order to read it at work. Although I sure would like the Sent folder enabled.
User Post (2002-02-01 07:41:47 by 7minds)
it's great but doesn't seem to like attachments. i haven't had any success sending attachments through webmail.
User Post (2002-01-31 16:36:31 by manchineel)
I must say that you are reading my mind. Several months ago I tried to configure Mailman and Squirrelmail to work on my server but I didn't have the freetime to figure it all out. You have saved me a lot of time and frustration and provided me with exactly what me (and my clients) want. Thanks!
User Post (2002-01-31 11:17:03 by kieran)
You guys kick much bottom!
User Post (2002-01-31 10:49:10 by wynne)
Thank you! You guys are just the very best! I'll never leave you and I have recommended Dreamhost many, many times to clients and friends.
Thanks again!
User Post (2002-01-31 08:58:21 by manglo)