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Question   Does my ISP block port 25?
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Does my ISP block port 25?
Some Internet providers have recently started blocking port 25 in an attempt to help prevent direct to MX spamming, and abuse of open proxies / relays from their dialup and broadband customers.

Some major ISPs that do this (and the address of their SMTP server) are:

ISPSMTP server
People PC mail.peoplepc.com
Optimum Online mail.optonline.net
MSN smtp.email.msn.com
EarthLink mail.earthlink.net
Verio mail.verio.net
Comcast / ATTBI smtp.comcast.net
Cox smtp.west.cox.net/smtp.east.cox.net
Many others [smtp/mail].example.com

Fortunately it seems that AOL does NOT do this (as of Feb 2002)!

Unfortunately a side-effect of this practice is that it prevents users from accessing our SMTP servers. If you are getting error messages when you try sending mail which state that smtp.domain.com is not responding or not found, contact your ISP, and find out if they're blocking port 25. If they are, you can probably send outgoing mail through their outgoing mail servers.

Sometimes, however, an ISP will not allow email to be sent through their SMTP server with a different domain. In other words, you may only be able to use their SMTP server if you have your reply address set to your ISP-based email address, not your custom domain name address that you have at DreamHost.

DreamHost does support message submission protocol, as per RFC 2476. This means that you can use port 587 for outgoing mail. If your mailer supports it, you can simply set it to send outgoing mail on this port instead of port 25.

Last updated: Sep 05, 2004.

User Post (2005-12-25 14:49:23 by ljevans)
Thanks! I spent two days ... one of them Christmas ... trying to solve this issue. All of a sudden, I couldn't send e-mail. I'm guessing that Bell South has changed something. Because, switching Outlook to port 587 worked like a charm.
User Post (2005-11-09 21:19:22 by borednownet)
Hi, I work in the AOL Postmaster department, and officially we ARE blocking all outgoing connections on port 25 for all AOL/TWX networks. This means all AOL Dialup users, AOL-Cable, and AOL-DSL users. More information is covered at the AOL Postmaster website: http://postmaster.info.aol.com/faq/port25faq.html

Sorry folks :(
I <3 Dreamhost
User Post (2005-11-08 21:34:11 by woodstove)
Wal mart connect, wmconnect. blocks port 25. I used 587 and did not require secure port and I was able to send mail with outlook express. With secure required it would not work. pissed me off for hours trying to figure it out. thanks everyone for your help. it helped me through it..
User Post (2005-10-26 20:00:46 by cguslani)
Hello. I'm a pacbell.net user. In the last few days, all of a sudden my smtp is not working. I can change to mail.pacbell.net and that seems to work ok. However, I send mail from a laptop and I move around a bit so this is really inconvenient.

Is anybody else having problems with SBC Internet recently?

587 Doesn't seem to work.
User Post (2005-10-18 08:46:37 by manistee)
I have charter as a high speed internet provider. It seems like they were blocking port 25 so I changed to 587 and it is working fine.
User Post (2005-10-04 20:59:03 by mikereau)
If you are an AOL user having trouble even though you've switched to port 587, and you are also using MS Outlook, you need to be sure that under Outgoing Server you check the box reading "My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and choose the radio button next to "Use same settings as my incoming mail server". This took care of the problem for me.

User Post (2005-09-27 09:48:20 by iggy)
Port 587 worked fine for me for many months, but stopped working recently. It appears that Charter Cable (charter.net) is now blocking 587 as well as 25.
User Post (2005-09-24 13:51:20 by ro1)
Does anyone have an answer for this in layman's terms? I have AOL and changed to port 587 and have tried everything to no avail. I still can't send mail. I don't want to switch ISPs.
User Post (2005-09-19 12:38:09 by jerrilynnb)
AOL is now blocking port 25 for third party emails. They require you to use port 587. I tried changing the port number and I still got an error message when I sent out a message. To add insult to injury, I have an AOL optimized computer. I guess it's time to switch ISPs.
User Post (2005-09-13 18:23:53 by elias)
Yes on Rogers too and 587 has stopped working for me as well. Not sure what to do now. Any Rogers news?
User Post (2005-09-12 19:34:53 by elias)
Rogers user here. Switch to port 587 a few months ago. Worked fine...but now same problem. Is there another solution? Or could it be another issue...seems like the same problem tho.
User Post (2005-09-04 19:10:13 by reveller)
If you're really stuck with the SMTP port problem, it's quite easy to set up your own PC as an SMTP server - I did this to get round my IP's limitation on numbers of outgoing emails (I was running quite a big mailing list). I found PostCast Server to be just the ticket - here's the URL: http://www.postcastserver.com/ And it's freeware!
User Post (2005-08-19 16:39:51 by elias)
Has 587 stopped working for anyone? I made the switch about a month ago and it fixed it. Now, it is stuck again. Rogers BTW.
User Post (2005-08-06 01:52:25 by japst4r)
This must be the case with Cableone as well. 587 to the rescue, this was bugging the hell out of me.
User Post (2005-07-23 20:43:26 by jdandrea)
FWIW, port 587 is working perfectly fine for me over Optimum Online (Cablevision). Using my m###### account and password and mail.[domain.ext]. I wish I knew why some are still having trouble. OptOnline folks still having trouble, let us know what you're using for a mail client. Someone may have a similar (and working) setup who can help out.
User Post (2005-07-23 08:05:42 by cjansen)
I'm with Biltmore Communications and started getting this problem last week. The change to port 587 seems to work.
User Post (2005-07-14 12:04:21 by devserver)
Strange, suddenly Qwest started blocking. Strangely, I've been able to use the regular port 25 for almost a year now, without any problems. Now strangely it doesn't work. Switched to port 587, works just fine.
User Post (2005-07-14 09:47:49 by tripjack)
Sonic.net DSL in SoCal blocks port 25 for dynamic IP users as well, statip IPs have the option to turn it off. Switching to port 587 works great for my dynamic IP connection. Dreamhost rules.
User Post (2005-06-27 16:34:35 by pabd)
Yes, I just called Rogers and they have confirmed that they are blocking port 25. It would have been nice of them to tell people before making that change of course.
User Post (2005-06-27 14:12:38 by mckaig)
Rogers @ Home (in Toronto, at least) seems to have implemented this as well over the last day or so. The 587 port solution works perfectly. Thanks for the tip.
User Post (2005-06-04 11:29:53 by nts)
I just want to say that you guys are the best hosts I've ever had. You're tech support and documentation is outstanding. Thanks.

Matt Thomson (drmaybe.com)
User Post (2005-05-26 19:55:23 by drosian)
Telus gave me some problems, so I switched to smtp.telus.net, which worked just fine.
User Post (2005-05-25 09:01:16 by kmpeters)
Earthlink subscribers: I freed myself from the tyranny of the port 25 blockade, without having to use the ugly and terribly inconvenient "solution" proposed by Earthlink! Here's how, for all you Thunderbird users out there.

Under Tools | Account Settings, choose Outgoing Servers (SMTP) and change the port setting from 25 to port 587. Leave your usual Dreamhost-hosted SMTP domain settings intact, and it should work fine. I did for me, and saved me the trouble of having to find a non-meddling ISP. Thanks to everyone at DH and those who posted to this thread with the info!

Soapbox time: As wretched an ISP as SBC is, I do admire the fact they allow (or at least have allowed the last I checked) customers to request a special "opt-out" from port 25 blockages. This allows legitimate email users like us not to be punished for the sins of a few malicious spammers, most of whom are too smart not to be using a major corporation as an ISP anyway. Oh well.
User Post (2005-05-20 12:08:28 by jrosall)
Qwest Communications, Intl. also appears to block 25. I changed to 587 after a whole day of pulling my hair out and it works perfectly. I can now SEND email from my dreamhost domain! Thanks!
NOTE: Dreamhost support team: Since I didn't hear back from you in time, I finally checked the forum and found out about the 587 port change. Thanks everyone for posting this important info.
User Post (2005-04-14 08:49:41 by bdaily)
Videotron Cable in Canada seems to have just started blocking port 25, changing to 587 did the trick!
User Post (2005-03-28 10:34:59 by nuthatch)
Bell Sympatico in Canada also appears to block 25. I changed to 587 after 3 days of pulling my hair out and it works perfectly. I can now SEND email from my dreamhost domain! Thanks!
User Post (2005-03-23 21:33:25 by edwood)
bay area, sbc dsl with mac mail: suddenly my outgoing mail server would not send (incoming was fine), after a week or so of changing smtp settings and trying to figure out what the problem was, someone told me sbc started blocking port 25. sbc wants customers to fill out and submit an "opt out" report listing all non-sbcglobal email addresses being used in order to remove the port 25 filter. i opted out of sbc "support" and checked in with the dreamhost knowledge base. simply switching to port 587 worked for me, all other smtp settings are the same as they always were. thank you dreamhost knowledge base for the tip - you all kick ass.
User Post (2005-03-22 00:12:31 by flewis)
One more tip for Eudora users: You need to install the "esoteric settings" plugin in order to be able to change the SMTP port. To do this, move the file called "esoteric.epi" from the "extrastuff" subfolder into the main Eudora folder.
User Post (2005-03-15 22:13:33 by allisone)
Yahoo SBC just started blocking port 25. I changed the SMTP to port 587 like others suggested in my Outlook Express settings and now it works!
User Post (2005-03-09 06:29:37 by kgraff)
Until yesterday port 25 worked with 550Access, now it only works with port 587. This happened a couple months ago before I started using Dreamhost. Thank goodness you can find information here!
User Post (2005-03-05 14:53:59 by saberinblue)
Using Outlook and Grandecom, Port 25 was blocked. Switching to Port 587 did the trick.
User Post (2005-03-04 17:07:07 by adamredman)
RCN blocks, and either smtp.rcn.com or switching SMTP to port 587 works.
User Post (2005-03-04 10:53:34 by gasperak)
SBC is now starting to block port 25.
User Post (2005-02-25 23:34:06 by mike219jma)
Well the switch to 587 from 25 didn't work for Optimum Online and Mozilla Thunderbird. I'm changing the SMTP port to 587 and I still can't send outgoing mail. I get the same error as it would give me set at port 25.
User Post (2005-02-16 21:34:16 by hookmeup)
Thanks for the port 587 tip, everyone.
Worked like a charm.
User Post (2005-02-13 15:04:57 by infusion)
SBC users can go here http://help.sbcglobal.net/servabuse.php to opt your account out of their SMTP port 25 blocking.
User Post (2005-02-12 15:13:33 by flewis)
For SBC, with Eudora: Changing the SMTP address field to SBC's server wouldn't work for me because it requires a different user id and password than I use for Dreamhost (which I am still using for my incomming server of course). Instead, I went to the "Ports" section in Eudora's Settings menu, and there I changed the SMTP port from 25 (the default) to 587. This works.
User Post (2005-01-21 17:47:04 by snarkles)
Eastlink.ca has this problem as well (Canadian cable Internet provider). Setting the SMTP server to smtp.earthlink.ca used to work up until a week or so ago, but they must've recently changed it to ensure the outgoing domains matched.

Thanks for the tip about port 587. It didn't work for me at first, but then I realized I was typing in the "username" part of username@mydomain.com for my outgoing mail settings and not my m####### number which is my actual Dreamhost username. So anyone who's having trouble might want to check that--make sure the usernames for both incoming and outgoing mail match!

If nothing else, sending mail from webmail.yourdomain.com works, although it's a bit of a pain.
User Post (2005-01-16 09:29:37 by becomingalpha)
with juno, use smtp.juno.com for your outgoing mail.

for your userid, use yourname@juno.com
User Post (2005-01-14 17:45:42 by anepple)
See http://helpdesk.wisc.edu/page.php?txt=&id=2786 for instructions to configure your email client to use port 587.
User Post (2005-01-10 12:21:55 by shivaho)
I just switched to Dreamhost from another hosting company. I had no problems sending email using outlook thru the ISP(Comcast) where I am currently staying with my old host without having to change any mail settings. The moment I switched tho I have not been able to send any mail. I tried using the 587 port & switching the smtp to comcast but it keeps rejecting everything saying they don't allow relaying messages. This seems strange to me that it worked fine with my last host & now it doesn't with dreamhost even with all the changes that have been suggested.
User Post (2005-01-09 23:36:01 by platinumike)
ok. I use bellsouth and set the outgoing to mail.bellsouth.net and Ive tried the dame for the incoming and ive tried everything for the incoming. I can send, but cant recieve messages. Any help,thanks.
User Post (2005-01-09 23:00:33 by platinumike)
how do I change my port from 25 to 587. I know how to forward it, but didnt see anytihng about changing it in squirell or outlook.Thanks.
User Post (2005-01-07 20:28:18 by glenskija)
Looks like Road Runner in San Diego Blocks port 25 as well.. Just your your smtp server for rr, and it should work.. (smtp-server.san.rr.com)
User Post (2004-12-09 14:40:37 by raena)
Telstra Bigpond blocks port 25 for outgoing connections. I'm waiting to find out if port 587 works for them, but you can also use the Bigpond mail servers to send mail from a Dreamhost account.

Here's their FAQ:
http://bigpond.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/bigpond.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid= 5562
User Post (2004-11-21 18:05:53 by stian)
Eudora users -- this is not an 'easy' solution, but it works:
Edit your eudora.ini file and enter the line 'SMTPPort=587' under the section of the personality to use SMTP for your DH domain - the section looks like this: [Persona-(nameofpersonality)].

Also remember to check 'Authentication allowed ' in the Generic settings tab of account properties.
User Post (2004-11-17 19:11:56 by melizabeth)
AT&T/Outlook Users

587 + checking "my server requires authentication" = works perfectly
User Post (2004-10-10 12:06:59 by rabideloise)
ResNet blocks SMTP port 25. Changing it to 587 is WAY better.
User Post (2004-10-03 09:28:53 by alynch)
FrontierNet does block port 25 outside its network. HOWEVER, we DO NOT prevent users from using whatever domain they want in their email when they send through our servers. I'm one of the SysAdmins of FrontierNet, and a customer of DreamHost- I applaud DreamHost's decision to allow SMTP on port 587 to their servers.
User Post (2004-09-29 07:48:20 by mobydik)
TDS also blocks port 25, 587 works but probably only until the next round of xp security flaws shine thru and need to be exploited...
User Post (2004-09-20 21:02:59 by ygc)
Frontiernet is now blocking port 25. Using 587 works great. Once again Dreamhost comes in with a solution for ISP stupidity. I love Dreamhost!
User Post (2004-09-07 15:23:11 by nmiller97)
How and where do you switch from port 25 to port 587? Step by step instructions would be great. I'm using internet explorer 6.0 and I am on Cox high speed. Thanks
User Post (2004-08-31 13:00:53 by austicke)
Optimum Online is now blocking port 25. See http://www.optonline.net/portblocking for details. Port 587 works fine.
User Post (2004-08-26 09:50:34 by kates)
Using port 587 worked for me, using Earthlink--I'm on a Mac, though, and don't know if this is the critical difference.
User Post (2004-07-12 22:30:37 by acmwallace)
For some reason, suddenly today outgoing mail through port 25 wasn't working - don't know if it was a change in SBC DSL or my new router, but switching to port 587 worked like a charm.
User Post (2004-07-05 17:31:36 by tthuma)
SBC DSL in Northern California... questions
-is the incoming and outgoing both mail.pacbell.net?
-do you need to mark yes for my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication?
User Post (2004-07-04 06:52:08 by leesweet)
FTI, I know Verizon blocks 25 for hosts not using their mail servers, so use port 587 for those on the 'old Verizon net' -) (eastern VA, etc.) if you want to use your own domain, as is the *whole* point at DH, no? :)
User Post (2004-06-01 18:09:46 by maybellinechic)
Macintosh users who use Mail.

Simply use port 587 in the SMTP option. And set the Authentication to your mailbox user name and password. And you'll have to fill out your PW the first time and boom, it works! It took me forever to figure this one out!!! :)
User Post (2004-05-21 16:19:57 by iyi)
Anyone have any ideas about Verio? Nothing seems to work...
User Post (2004-05-17 15:39:39 by frlodge)
Cox blocks 25. 587, woiks like a charm.
User Post (2004-05-13 13:07:00 by uniguy)
With Mozilla Thunderbird, I had to use mail.mydomain.com as the smtp server AND had to check "use name and password" and supply my username and password before it would work.
User Post (2004-03-09 20:33:38 by xtaxta)
earthlink/outlook users:
set smtp server to "smtp.earthlink.net"
then, under 'advanced sending options', simply check the box that says "override port 25". (there is no need to change the value in that box)
User Post (2004-02-24 12:33:21 by pilzbury)
I use Sympatico Dialup... in Canada, I changed it to port 587 after hours and hours of testing different combinations of things, and BOOM it worked! Thanks whoeverput 587 :)
User Post (2004-02-03 14:19:20 by xunu)
I have AOL as one of my ISPs. Sometimes Port 25 works and sometimes it doesn't. However, Port 587 seems to always work just fine with any SMTP server which, like DreamHost's, supports RFC 2476 MSP.
User Post (2004-01-28 13:31:28 by cd31)
I have AOL and everytime I tried to export to my domain server with OE I would get booted from AOL. Because they are competition I was told it will never work by tech support...they told me to go to Keyword: AOL Communicator which is AOL's version of OE. Its a free download for members and so far so good. Hope that helps anyone who was frustrated with AOL and OE.
User Post (2003-12-17 17:34:28 by mmm)
I use Compuserve and it is the same as AOL and for some reason it has blocked the port 25 so I changed to 587 and now my email is finally sending through dreamhost and my website.
User Post (2003-10-17 10:33:15 by jgrotto)
RCN users: the outgoing mail server should be smtp.rcn.com and you can use port 25 successfully. Also note that "authentication" should be set to "None" and the "user name" and "password" lines should be blank.
User Post (2003-10-07 15:52:31 by absinnthe999)
weird...I have pacbell and I changed my SMTP. I can send but I am not receiving.
User Post (2003-09-30 18:33:51 by zonew)
port 587 works great for Comcast/former ATTBI using dreamhost SMTP servers
User Post (2003-09-30 11:21:00 by kingtaco)
Cox Cable has just recently blocked port 25 in most areas. I use Netscape 4.79, and it doesn't have a place to change the port to 587. (The same problem exists in Netscape 6) What you have to do is type this: mail.example.com:587 where the mailing client asks for the smtp server. This forces the client to use port 587 instead of the default 25. Hope this helps some people!
User Post (2003-09-26 20:55:16 by rhkramer)
This is a test of the emergency broadcast network.
<br> If this had been a real emergency, you would have been instructed to tune to your local ememrgency broadcast network station.
User Post (2003-09-26 20:53:17 by rhkramer)
Pacbell/SBC also has this same problem as well so if you change your SMTP to mail.pacbell.net it should work regardless of your domain...it worked for me.

Pacbell/SBC also has this same problem as well so if you change your SMTP to mail.pacbell.net it should work regardless of your domain...it worked for me.
User Post (2003-09-26 20:51:18 by rhkramer)
User Post (2003-09-14 11:46:26 by adorable)
access4less.net does block port 25, but not 587.

Thankfully, this means I can use Mozilla on port 587 to bypass their very silly SMTP server (didn't deliver an HTML message with lots of pictures to my friend because it thought it was spam =(

Pretty big oops for a big ISP, IMO.
User Post (2003-09-12 11:06:46 by sagarkp)
I had problems sending emails (received email w/o any probs). I am using SBC DSL - changed my port from 25 to 587 and now it works.
User Post (2003-09-10 13:37:32 by frlodge)
I believe Cox Cable blocks port 25
User Post (2003-08-09 00:03:27 by tranquil_devil)
Ok so if aol doesn't run a SMTP server then there's pretty much no possible way for the mail to get up in working order. This is what I'm reading correct?
User Post (2003-07-26 20:41:08 by gbdk)
The German ISP T-Online is also not allowing SMTP other than their own.
User Post (2003-07-02 07:34:28 by bellalore)
Has anybody else gotten this problem? I am on a mac and have access4less as a provider...i a m unable to properly receive and send email from my domain account, as i keep getting the message SERVER NOT FOUND. I thought i set everything up correctly.
I go through Outlook to read, and use Explorer for browser. Anyone?
User Post (2003-06-26 16:50:27 by kimmy541)
I used smtp.earthlink.net for outgoing and it works great, no problems!
User Post (2003-05-25 01:02:54 by jcao)
Port 587 worked fine for me with earthlink.
User Post (2003-05-13 09:54:03 by pikcha)
COMCAST smtp server is: smtp.comcast.net
so if you have comcast cable modem just type in: smtp.comcast.net at outgoing mail (SMTP)
User Post (2003-05-05 11:37:18 by fatcitymedia)
Hi Everyone-
I use Microsoft Outlook to access my e-mail hosted on my Dreamhost server, but I access the Internet via an AOL/Verizon DSL-I can receive my mail fine, but lately I have been having problems sending mail, does anyone else have this problem?
User Post (2003-04-30 09:45:54 by infove)
port 587 did NOT work for me--Earthlink ISP

User Post (2003-04-16 10:28:57 by wesc)
Just got this from DH tech support. You can use port 587 for DH mail servers. Works great thru Earthlink (port 25 blocked)
User Post (2003-03-18 13:52:10 by shmuel)
Someone mentioned below 'ssh with a local redirect to port 25' how would you go about doing this? It sounds like an interesting option to me but I am not sure how to get it working. Can anyone help?
User Post (2003-01-16 19:23:36 by emilysho)
change outgoing mail server to this and it works fine! however, i'm not sure if receivers see their message coming from "emily@emilyshore.com" or from my earthlink email address. anyone have any ideas?

User Post (2002-12-16 10:00:01 by abp)
The AT&T SMTP server is: mailhost.att.net

User Post (2002-11-21 15:16:09 by decastro)
SMTP fix with earthlink worked for me, as well, but really gets my goat that my company address doesn't show to my customers as 'from'. Looks less professional. It's really no different than sending my company mail through earthlinks with the reply being set to my company address.
User Post (2002-10-10 21:00:20 by veek3)
does anyone know about juno?
please email me vcs@vcsproductions.com
User Post (2002-10-01 23:02:04 by itsage)
ssh with a local redirect to port 25 on the dreamhost servers may yet be another option for those with this problem. Cheers!
User Post (2002-08-21 13:37:44 by demont)
mattlyon wrote : >>>AOL is not currently blocking SMTP access because they do not run an SMTP server<<< Mmmm... Here in France, they say they dont but they just steal the port 25, I mean, you believe you're using the smtp you choose, but aol actually send your mail with *their* servers. And they add an X-Apparently-From: yourpseudo@aol.com in all your mails headers ! :-(((
User Post (2002-08-09 01:17:01 by jedicat_meow)
erols also blocks port 25, and using smtp.erols.com or mail.erols.com for an outgoing mail server does not work. can't get in touch with erols tech support.
User Post (2002-07-29 20:43:35 by mielikki)
If you really want the From and Reply-To headers to look right, antother option is to SSH or TELNET to your Dreamhost host and send it from there. Certainly not as convenient, but it is an option.
User Post (2002-07-27 20:00:43 by lmpoyneer)
It looks like NetZero is also doing this. Everything else worked with my mail server except for outgoing mail. I changed the SMTP to smtp.netzero.net and the message went out without a problem. Thanks for letting us know about this!
User Post (2002-07-23 17:58:54 by asryn)
AT&T Worldnet blocks port 25 during the first 30 days of an account's existence. A call to their tech support number (1-800-400-1447) is all it takes to have this port opened after that time.
User Post (2002-07-21 23:15:29 by jesterxl)
I changed my outgoing mail server (SMTP) from:
...and my email worked just fine with Dreamhost!
User Post (2002-07-18 12:53:06 by mattlyon)
AOL is not currently blocking SMTP access because they do not run an SMTP server.
User Post (2002-06-30 15:55:36 by jdrost)
I switched my outgoing mail server to my regular ISP server and all works well now, least I didn't have to dump my reply domain!!
User Post (2002-06-24 17:18:19 by pariso)
After a great deal of research ... there are quite a few people starting to do this ... so now, not only are spammers filling our mail boxes with junk ... they are in many cases making us loose our email identities as a result... This means that services like eartling (who has a stupid work around which really doesn't work) gets the benefit of our endorsements (at their domain) and monopolistic control of email through port 25. It would be great if we were also allowed to access our smtp servers through port 80 ... It would be very difficult for these questionable ISPs to block port 80 because it is generally used fot http ...
User Post (2002-06-22 12:40:55 by dustink)
well, it works for another SMTP server but not this one? The other is one that isn't my ISP either.
User Post (2002-05-16 14:03:29 by devivo)
Optimum online, cablevision's cable modem provider also has this problem
User Post (2001-11-15 11:46:09 by adamlacy)
SMTP fix worked for Earthlink. Thanks.
User Post (2001-09-27 20:31:44 by suggus)
Pacbell/SBC also has this same problem as well so if you change your SMTP to mail.pacbell.net it should work regardless of your domain...it worked for me.