DreamHost Newsletter – December 2007

Another newsletter translated from Josh’s gibberish.

  1. Spacey Moved
    The “spacey” cluster was successfully moved to a new datacenter. More server moves are planned over the next few months – watch the status blog for updates.
  2. DreamHost PS Update
    DreamHost is making progress on the waitlist for DreamHost PS (Private Server) and MySQL PS. If you sign up now, you will most likely be able to get your server before Christmas.
  3. Promo Code Change
    Big promo code change effective next Tuesday. No DreamHost promo code can any longer give a discount greater than $50. All new and existing codes will be capped at this amount off. You still get $97 (minus the discount given) for somebody using your promo code, but now that discount can’t be more than $50.
    This will probably result in fewer uses of people’s promo codes, but on the plus side, the minimum you as a referrer will make from a promo code will go from $0 to $47.
  4. Help us Screen Suggestions
    The Suggestions area has been revamped and you’re now able to see pending suggestions. Pending suggestions are the suggestions which haven’t made it to the voting procedure yet, but now you can help decide, which suggestions should be put to a vote.
    For each pending suggestions you can choose “Reject it!” (for duplicate or nonsensical suggestions), “Just do it, DreamHost!” (for really easy suggestions or system bugs) or “Let us vote on it!”.
    There is currently 600 active suggestions to vote on and 572 pending suggestions for consideration.
  5. Two Silly Features
    You can now show and hide your subdomains in the Manage Domains area:

    Hide Subdomains

    You can now restore your accidentally deleted MySQL databases up to five days after they have been deleted.

    MySQL Recycle

  6. Charity Addition
    New charity: Union Rescue Mission. DreamHost match all donations received, another donor is matching their donations, so basically your donation is being quadrupled!
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Squawk

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