Network Problems Continues

Since the network problems at DreamHost continues and the status site is acting up again, I’m relaying the latest message from DreamHost Status here:

Unfortunately we are experiencing a return of similar network problems that we experienced yesterday. Please keep your eye on this post as we will update it as soon as we have more information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The problem has been tracked down to a naughty switch and has been resolved. Due to the amount of traffic that is getting, we are leaving it static for the time being. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact support.

Thu Aug 16 16:38:09 PDT 2007
Shortly after the last update, things went down hill again. It turns out the switch wasn’t the problem. For the time being, everything is back up and running and the problem appears to be fixed. Continue to check this space for updates and as always.

Thu Aug 16 16:51:46 PDT 2007
While the networking issues appear to be gone, we are still dealing with fallout from them. This includes a few non-responsive caching DNS servers causing more slow down. We are bringing these back up now and everything should be smooth again soon

Thu Aug 16 20:28:38 PDT 2007
DNS is back up and running. Everything appears to be working fine. We will keep monitoring this issue throughout the night to catch any problems that may arise. If you have any problems whatsoever, please contact support.

25 Responses to “Network Problems Continues”

  1. Ivan says:

    Sites are down. Here is what the control panels says:
    Critical Announcement! Please Read!
    Sorry about the downtime experienced today. We have network and DNS issues today. If you are writing in because your site is down please hold off if you can. We are currently running an update that will fix all of your domains, but unfortunately the update takes a while to run. If by tomorrow your site is not up please write directly to rather than posting to normal support. We have a specialized support team ready to assist you.
    posted 3 hours 2 mins ago

  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Ivan – Thanks for the update! Best of luck getting your sites up and running again…

  3. Michael Schaap says:

    DNS is still having major problems.
    Two of my domains have consistently been giving errors, while others were fine, but now I’m not getting DNS results for the others anymore either.

    – Michael

  4. Christian Wiig says:

    DNS seems to be working on some domains.
    My main one is working fine, but the other one isn’t responding at all.

    Hope the problem is fixed fast as some of us have very active websites.

    - Christian

  5. Christian Wiig says:

    Never mind that comment. Looks like its working again.
    Thanks for the fast work and good servers!

    - Christian

  6. Hal says:

    2 out of 3 my domains are working, the third one is not … so there are still probs

  7. susan says:

    this is really frustrating, I can’t get to our website or our mail. its not up and running, and I can’t even get to the dreamhost support pages

  8. Stef says:

    Bah, still all over the place :(

    Their official status site currently gives a standard WordPress “MySQL database is unavailable so, most likely, your MySQL server is down” error, as do all of my sites.

    Two days of downtime’s enough to make me seriously consider switching to MediaTemple’s Grid Service. I was actually tempted by Dreamhost’s upcoming VPS “Private Server” before this incident, but the weakest link of that is that you still have the shared MySQL backend (at least as far as I remember reading), and after this I’ve been put right off.

    What’s most disappointing is the lack of status updates. When your only official status page is down, your last status message in the Support section of the Control Panel (which is about the only thing still up) is over seven hours old and says nothing much other than pointing to your dead status page, you’re not doing enough to keep your customers informed.

  9. Rachel says:

    My main website is down but the rest of them are fine. Which would be ok, if it wasn’t the main one with it’s webmail that I wanted to get at the most! :(

  10. Cailin Coilleach says:

    /me joins the vote for Professional–

    I was told not to expect >95% uptime at Dreamhost, but this is laying it on a bit thick isn’t it? :)

  11. KellyFX says:

    Same here, some sites up, some down, and status page gone. This is the third major outtage I’ve had in a month, not good.

  12. Chuck says:

    Two domains up, two domains down, along with IMAP for all the addys on all the domains. Their nine-hour-old message is beginning to get a little insulting.

  13. john says:

    BTW you can still get to all machines by ip address while they are having dns issues.

  14. Josh Santangelo says:

    Good idea John… does anyone have a list of IPs?

  15. Jay Goodman Tamboli says:

    Though my websites are inaccessible, I can SSH to the servers— and lovejoy is and cactuscooler is

  16. Sean says:

    Being able to ssh into the machines is fine, but it doesn’t help mail and websites work. Last night my blog was down because the domain I have it on wasn’t resolving. This morning, my mail isn’t arriving because the domain I use for *that* isn’t resolving. This is major suckage.

  17. john says:

    actually if you don’t know your machine’s ip just use the name of the box you are being hosted on

    true, only good for getting to your files but it’s useful if you are thinking of canceling your account with dreamhost which i’m sure a lot of people are thinking about right now.

  18. dwr says:

    Update from the control panel:

    ! Critical Announcement! Please Read!
    We are still experiencing DNS issues for a large number of our domains. After the network problems yesterday, a lot of dns records were somehow dropped from our ns servers, the cause of which we’re looking into.

    We’ve been regenerating all dns since last night, but it’s a very slow process, slower than we’d like, and there are still a lot of domains not up.

    On top of it all, it seems as though our remote server is under a DDOS attack, taking it down.

    Please rest assured we’re doing everything we can to fix this situation. If you’d still like to contact us about it, please use the form below as usual.

    You can keep updated at assuming we stop the DDOS soon. Otherwise, we’ll just be updating the message on this page. (posted 18 mins 55 secs ago)

  19. john says:

    could it be that the DDOS attack are actually customers trying to check to see what $#@ is going on?

    My site appears to be back up and old mail has started to come in now, I hope nothing was lost or bounced during the outage..

  20. KT says:

    I’m with John…I’ll bet this “DDOS” is actually the god-knows how many customers who are down trying to figure out what is going on.

    oh..and mine is still out.


  21. dm says:

    I hope I get my email that was missed in the last 24 hours…..

  22. adam says:

    only 8 of 15 sites are working for me. not accectable.

    I’m making the switch to mediatemple. I just signed up for a package and I’ll begin moving stuff over the next 2 months.

    I was considering dreamhost PS, but hat’s the point. I hope they’re embarrased, I’d have less problems hosting my own site off a pentium 133mhz at a server colocation. dreamhost gets way to many problems per year, there comes a point where I stop saying “atleast they’re being honest” and I start saying, if they didn’t get their act together the last 5 times thigns broke, they’re not going to.

    I hope they’re embarrased, this isn’t rocket science, it’s hosting.

  23. SA says:

    our website + email + access to FTP is down. We’re blessed to have gmail and yousendit

  24. PatrickD says:

    Some of my domains have been down all day (costing me who-knows-what in ad revenue) and some haven’t had any trouble…but of course it’s the domains without ads that aren’t having trouble.

    I was annoyed at first when I started having trouble last night. Now I’m pretty upset and hoping that they offer some kind of compensation. This is the worst outage I’ve had in quite a long time.

    I just hope e-mail doesn’t start bouncing…

  25. Hanan Cohen says:

    Basic math.

    1% of 365 is 3.65

    99% uptime is 3.65 days down per year.

    95% uptime is 18.25 days down per year.

    How much REAL downtime did you experience?

    How much SUBJECTIVE downtime did you experience?