DreamHost Network Slowness

DreamHost are currently experiencing some network difficulties which is causing parts of their network to be inaccessible. This is affecting everyone in a random manner.

I can currently access the main web site, but the control panel seems very slow and the DreamHost Status site is currently down.


I’m not currently sure if any customer web sites are affected?

Since the status web site is unavailable, you’re very welcome to post any updates in the comments.

8 Responses to “DreamHost Network Slowness”

  1. mieses says:

    all of dreamhost is down today (wednesday). this is crazy.

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, the slowness today sucked. I would have appreciated a better explanation and more updates. And haven’t they said in the past that the Dreamhost Status blog was hosted not on DH’s network? I mean, this is why it should be.

  3. Tim King says:

    I noticed sluggishness on one of my DreamHost-hosted websites today. At this time, the DreamHost status blog apparently cannot access mysql.dreamhoststatus.com. But all of my sites (all running on the same physical host etc.) are working fine.


  4. Jason says:

    Taken from panel.dreamhost.com in the contact support page:

    Sorry about the downtime experienced today. We have network and DNS issues today. If you are writing in because your site is down please hold off if you can. We are currently running an update that will fix all of your domains, but unfortunately the update takes a while to run. If by tomorrow your site is not up please write directly to dhstatus@dreamhost.com rather than posting to normal support. We have a specialized support team ready to assist you.

    You can keep updated at dreamhoststatus.com! (posted 2 hours 11 mins ago)

  5. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Jason – Thanks for posting this… I find it very helpful!

  6. Fook says:

    Strange that the message points us to dreamhoststatus.com for updates when apparently the blog is not working at the time it was posted…

  7. susan says:

    our whole website is down, all mail boxes are down…this is very hard for us as organizers of peace actions….the website and mail are important tools…

  8. JC says:

    Yes, you’re right. the status.dreamhost.com site they said was put on a totally different network for this very situation and reason. Apparently they didn’t make it different enough…

    This is a keystone cops movie..
    Take a look at the pictures of the idiots fixing this stuff on the dreamhost home page and you’ll understand why we get this kind of service..

    I have had enough of blaming things on “Naughty Switches”.. and Routers that “Freaked Out”.. I taking my 15 “marbles” and going to Hostway or something… The cheap price just isn’t worth it any longer..

    These guys are the laughing stock of the hosting community…No wonder they didnt wear Dreamhost logoed shirts to the Hosting conference. they wanted to laugh (I’m sure it was a nervous laugh), too when people stood around and made fun of Dreamhost…