13 Worst Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting Unleashed – a web hosting review site with real reviews – has compiled a list of the 13 Worst Web Hosting Companies measured by number of negative reviews and how few would recommend the host.

Not surprisingly RegisterFly (who went belly up recently) is the worst host overall with more than 100 negative reviews and only five posive reviews.

  1. RegisterFly
  2. 1T3 Online
  3. Globat
  4. DataPacket
  5. Dot5 Hosting

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2 Responses to “13 Worst Web Hosting Companies”

  1. Customer says:

    Who win?


  2. WR says:

    VODAHOST.COM. There are plenty of threads on the many atrocities that this company has done since 2005. They have to be easily in the top 2 of the worst webhosting companies. Offer the largest space and bandwidth and once they take your money, goodbye.