The Angry Spam Song

angry-man1.jpgJust found this piece of gold…

You might remember the voicemail from an angry customer raving about DreamHost spamming him from the post YOU C@#KS#CK’N SPAMMERS! at DreamHost’s Blog.

Rob Rohan has now created a song based on the voicemail:

I was wandering around the web and saw this posting about a guy who was upset about receiving some spam. The spam was seemingly coming from that host though they said it wasn’t their fault (as most people know you can fake the from address).

Anyway, the guy called and yelled at them, and they put the phone messages online. I was in need of some non-coding distraction today so I made a GarageBand song of the guy getting upset. I haven’t been a practicing musician for quite a while so don’t judge it too hard.

It has some dirty words in it so if that’s not your cup of tea, I’d pass on it.

Without further ado, the AngrySpam song.

3 Responses to “The Angry Spam Song”

  1. Henrik says:

    This all makes me think about the Dan&Scott show! “flu flu flu” :D

  2. Simon Jessey says:

    Er… that was already posted in the comments of the original post of August last year.

  3. Godgoth says:

    kind of a mixture of the David Heisel song and Gary McGath clips
    Hello Half Awake! lol