DreamHost Newsletter – February 2007

This month’s Mexican themed newsletter :

  1. Upgrades
    - WordPress, ZenCart and MediaWiki one-click-installs has been upgraded in January
    - Ruby on Rails has been upgraded and a number of new gems has been installed
    - PHP 5.2 and Zend Optimizer 3.2.2 is being rolled out the upcoming week.
  2. Webmail
    Two more webmail machines has been added to the load-balanced webmail cluster, which should have improved the webmail performance dramatically.
  3. SFTP users
    You can now choose between three types of user accounts:
    - FTP accounts – file transfer access only
    - SFTP accounts – sftp (SSH ftp) file transfer access only
    - Shell account – allows FTP plus ssh/telnet access
    The new SFTP account is great if you want to take advantage of the increased security of a SFTP account, without giving the user a shell account.
  4. Promo codes in referral links
    You can now include a promo code in rewards link, so the promo code field on the signup form will be pre-filled with that code. Just use a link of the following type:
    Complete instructions
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Lifeshots

8 Responses to “DreamHost Newsletter – February 2007”

  1. Will says:

    It’s actually the January newsletter.

  2. Frank says:

    zend? thats awesome but how is it going to work

  3. thebored says:

    The new wordpress update killed all my installs. Thank God for .old.

  4. thebored says:

    my bad, just required a manual wordpress db update. I guess I’m too used to dh doing everything for me ;)

  5. Juan says:

    Do they realize that they have mexican customers also? This month newsletter was not funny at all

  6. wrdlbrmpft says:

    ruby on rails has been upgraded? really?

    [warhead]$ rails -v
    Rails 1.1.6

    Ruby on Rails version
    Ruby version: 1.8.5
    Rails version: 1.1.6

  7. ads of the world | advertising archive says:

    The new php 5.2 broke my Drupal 4.7 sites. Now, I can’t login. Anybody has any solution to this??

  8. Shell Shocked says:

    I love the new referral links! There is a new method of referral links that takes advantage of the new features