DreamHost Newsletter – October 2006

One of the longest newsletters ever and it’s packed with great birthday news:

  1. It’s our birthday? Double the bandwidth, tenify the disk!
    The super secret stuff from last month’s newsletter: Every hosting account has been upgraded with up to 10 times the disk storage and at least double the bandwidth. The cheapest package, Crazy Domain Insane now included 200 GB of disk storage and 2 TB of monthly bandwidth.
  2. Shared + Dedicated? Shedicated!
    The “Strictly Business – Enhanced” offered to select customers about a month ago is now available for everybody.
  3. Down with DRM? Up with Files! Forever!
    Files Forever is a new service from DreamHost. I’ll cover it in a separate blog post.
  4. RSS Feeds? The Discussion Board!
    The discussion boards now has their own RSS feeds. Basically the same feature we’ve been offering since April.
  5. Who needs catch-alls? Not+you@dreamhost.com!
    Straight from the wish list: Plus-addressing. This feature lets you add a tag to your email address. If your address is josh@example.com you can give out both josh+dreamhost@example.com, josh+whois@example.com and josh+evilspammer@example.com. All addresses are essential the same address josh@example.com, but the extra tags dreamhost, whois and evilspammer can be used to filter the emails and eventually block one of the addresses if you start to receive spam.
  6. Transferring a .com? .net? You need an auth code!
    From now on you’ll need to get an auth code from your registrar in order to transfer a .com or .net domain registration. You’ll find your existing auth codes for domains registered through DreamHost in the Domain Transfer panel.
  7. Old Charities? New Charities!
    New charities are anti DRM organization Defective By Design and Santa’s Helpers an organization helping underprivileged children and their families experience Christmas. DreamHost are matching all donations 1:1.
  8. Network problems? Fixed!
    The network problems DreamHost experienced during the month of July and August are finally solved.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Santa’s Helpers.

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