DreamHost Newsletter – September 2006

Newsletter for the month of August :

No new features or developments in August 2006, but promises of some SUPER SECRET stuff in next month’s newsletter…

    DreamHost Site of the Month: eldoras.com

Any guesses to what the SUPER SECRET stuff could be?

16 Responses to “DreamHost Newsletter – September 2006”

  1. lbft says:

    It *has* to be something to do with BitTorrent. It’s probably the most obvious thing that Dreamhost has nothing to do with.

    (Unless it’s just going to be a boring announcement of the ridiculous dedicated server offer…)

  2. Gabriele Favrin says:

    It’s probably just an newsletter-funny/joke announcement. Good to see that they spent time working to fix problems instead than to add some goodies when there are really big problems. We will see next month, for now let’s hope all will back to normal routine (but I’ve to add that not anyone had so much issues, for example my customers sites and emails, under 3 accounts and thus 3 different servers, have been OK).

  3. fiend says:

    I would say a new service or a improvement, since upping limits doesn’t require that much effort, i would make a wild guess and say a new control panel (new design, reorgonizing stuff, more css and less imagens, it would be much more user friendly and fast without that much coding, also i think last month they did add the bandwith/space bars, so that can be a hint), or a new webmail system, since their mail still has a really bad reputation.

    I think going for bittorrent is like the streaming quicktime or the jabber, they are nice freebies, but far from being necessities, and even disregarding the problems that hosted bittorrent can bring, it would require too much maintenance.

  4. Matt Nordhoff says:

    fiend: Someone said in #dreamhost today that rebuilding the panel would take a lot of effort, because it’s integrated with stuff. But, that’s rebuilding it, not just a spiffy new skin and some tweaks…

  5. Jerry says:

    Isn’t it obvious? The big plans are to open up offering dedicated servers again.

    You wrote about it in your last post!



  6. Martey says:

    I’m hoping it’s a one-click install for Trac. It was mentioned in the July newsletter, and it would definitely make a lot of people happy.

  7. Pete Happy DreamHost Employee says:

    Trac will not likely be offered as a one-click until they get their mysql support released.

  8. Rich Pav says:

    I’m hoping for Mongrel support.

  9. Steven says:

    Mongrel Support would be really cool!

  10. Wayne says:

    Subversion 1.4 is released http://subversion.tigris.org/

    DH – please update

  11. Stephen says:

    I hope the new secret upgrade is uptime and stability. That would totally rock.

  12. fivecentnickel.com says:

    Yeah, server stability would be a nice surprise.

  13. Please Upgrade says:

    Python has now been upgraded to version 2.5. Dreamhost, please uppdate.


    And since I know you guys use debian, here’s the link for the package


  14. Carolyn says:

    Please make it better mysql performance. And redundancy, which I understand you are already working on.

    Virtuozzo vps? That would be great.

  15. RMS says:

    so the super secret is out? i am guessing it’s what i see in my account today and my reaction is: i rushed to check my bills lol … 200gb/2000gb wow … can i actually use that much ? i am not anywhere near there 20gb/1000gb anyway

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