DreamHost Newsletter – August 2006

This month’s newsletter has just hit the streets:

  1. What a month!
    The full account of the last three weeks (with two power outages, a file server break-down and network troubles) can be found at Anatomy of a(n ongoing) Disaster
  2. ActiveCollab one-click!
    One-click install of activeCollab – a web based collaboration and project management tool.
  3. Disk/Transfer status bars!
    Just a small update to the control panel.
  4. Auto-responder changes!
    People can no longer put auto-responders on catch-alls, and auto-responses are only send if the recipient was in the “To:” or “Cc:” fields.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: sircle

3 Responses to “DreamHost Newsletter – August 2006”

  1. Alibab says:

    In my opinion, Dreamhost’s business model is very despicable.
    They lure you with 777 or other promotion code for one year. When your first year end, you’ll be surprised to find
    1. No more promotion code will be applied. This is confirmed by their staff, so don’t DREAM about it.
    2. Your annul charge become $120.
    3. If you want to close your account, they will charge your a fee for each domain.
    4. Transfering domain name out of it is very difficult. I followed all the instruction but their system still rejected transfer request.
    5. There is no way you can indicate that you don’t want to renew other than close the account immediately. You have to be sure you’ll be there to close the account timely one year from now. Otherwise you’ll be charged.

    Is their service a good $120 worth?
    1. The webpanel isn’t very easly to use. Comparing with cPanel, it lacks most of the usual functions. For example, I can’t find a way to make a website password-protected.
    2. Only 4 applications to be installed.
    3. No shell acount access.
    4. Instead of making webhosting more friendly, they seems to focus on writing those annoying newsletters about things no one is interested.

  2. Gabriele Favrin says:

    Excuse me, but I’ve something to say. 1) You can set the termination date of your service. 2) The promo code discount is CLEARLY stated for the first year only. 3) You HAVE shell access. 4) While there are few popular one-click install applications, you can manually install whatever you wish and there are lot of guides about it, even on http://wiki.dreamhost.com. 5) You can password protect firectories directly from the web panel. You probably have too few information. Go to the Wikior in the discussion forum.

  3. Robert says:


    1. Try to find a web host that can seriously offer 20GB/1TB for $10/year. The promo code is only a bonus for the first year, it would be nuts and overselling otherwise.
    2. Yes, $9.95/month would be $119.40. Still not like you are paying an arm and a leg.
    3. Wrong, only 1 domain will be charged, the one that you registered for free with the plan. What? You expect that after cancelling your account that DH will pay for it for you forever?
    4. Transfers are always a pain, make sure you have up-to-date WHOIS info.
    5. You can cancel the account even with an amount due, just set your CC to not auto pay.
    6. Again, you expect a lot for nothing.
    1. Goodies -> htaccess/WebDAV
    2. Look again, I count 7 major packages (activeCollab, MediaWiki, WordPress, phpBB, Gallery, ZenCart, Joomla) and 2 minor (AdvancedPoll and WebCalendar) packages. What else do you want? Install it yourself!
    3. Users -> Manage Users, [edit], “Enable ssh/telnet?”.
    4. If you aren’t interested, turn off the option to get them (Edit Profile -> Deselect newsletters) and what could be more friendly than newsletters, blog and giving customers info? Shall DH take out your garbage and call you every week to say ‘how ya doin?’